Dec 14, 2009

More of the Same

I have not had my butt in the saddle since November 27th. In case you are counting, that is seventeen days. With only 10 hours of daylight, 8 ½ of which is spent at work and an hour commuting, even if the temperatures made it out of the single digits, I doubt I’d find myself skipping out to the barn to saddle up when it’s dark before 5:00 PM! Surely it couldn’t have been this bad last year. So I checked the archives on my blog. The following is an excerpt from my post of December 13, 2008.

“The temps neared 50 degrees today. The winds were blowing, but it was definitely a ride day. After Case’s basketball game, I went to the corral to fetch my best horse. She didn’t seem to mind me interrupting her meal. She knew today was special.”

I don’t know about you, but that made me want to puke. Not the fact that it was 50 degrees a year ago, but that I really wrote something so cornballish. “My best horse”, “today was special”. Who in the heck was I trying to impress? Trust me; I don’t really don’t talk that way.

Kacy from All Horse Stuff recently wrote about her winter riding gear. All of it very cute, fashionable and warm for her cold Oregon temperatures. If I were to ride today (laughing uncontrollably at the thought), the paragraph would read something like this:

“With a ‘feels like’ temperature of -5 F, I slipped into my long underwear and pulled on my winter riding pants. Next the too tight Under Armour cold weather gear followed by a fleece sweatshirt and jacket. Then I stepped into my TSC brand bib coveralls and finally put on my fleece lined barn coat. My head was covered in an ear band and a balaclava, topped with the hood of my jacket. I wore 2 pair of socks with my fake Ugg boots and pulled on my heavy fleece gloves."

If I were to step on the scale, no doubt I would top off 25 pounds heavier. And before I could get to the barn, my nose would be dripping and my cheeks burning. And none of the horses would want their meal interrupted for this!

And if this picture is not bad enough, imagine how it would look when mounting! Do these coveralls make my butt look fat?


  1. Who DARED to take a pic of you in that lovely outfit? lol sorry it is so dang cold where you are. Not sure I could deal with that

  2. Haha, good luck even getting mounted wearing all that! I have Carhartt coveralls, but I can't wear them riding because I must have a 3' mounting block to get on the horse! God help me if I fell off, I'd sweat to death walking back home in those stupid things.

  3. That picture is priceless. It says it all about the stupid weather around here.

  4. Oh, you're too funny. There's no way you could get on a horse in that outfit. If you fell off you might be a candidate for the commercial "help I've fallen and I can't get up" and roll around like a padded egg in the snow until rescued.

    I'm wishing warm temperatures come your way soon.

  5. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I to live in Nebraska and am wearing nearly the same outfit daily right now. Been so lovely doing hours and hours of chores everyday wearing such clothes. and yes they do make our butts look fat even if we don't have much butt!!!! And more snow coming on Thursday into Friday night and highs maybe to high 20's, IF we get LUCKY!!!

  6. Doncha have a picnic table in the yard? It is our winter mounting block. Here in Western Illinois we feel your pain. It was 6 above with a 20 mph wind this morning. I do wish I had the impetus to ride in this weather. My get up and up and went.

  7. I did a post today about the joys of winter riding. And I didn't even have my coveralls on yet. I'm counting down the days to winter solstice since each day gets longer from there.

  8. My neighbor's have an indoor arena that I can use when I want.....but I can't even get my horse there! My trailer is drifted in from last week's high winds! I've had enough of winter already!!!

  9. ROFLMBO!!! Not the most attractive look, but function over beauty during the winter, I say! lol!

    It's supposed to be in the 50's here this week, actually. I hope it dries up the mucky ground.

    17 days with no riding. eh?
    Can you believe it will be soon be one year since I've ridden a horse?
    Feels strange to say that.


  10. What a great post! I'm just cracking up!! Very Good!!! I wear my husband's camo duck hunting jacket with my muck boots, and what I refer to as my goombah hat because that's how I look. But I'm warm and cozy. Last weekend while feeding my husband called me his 'barn hottie'! LOL...yeah...right! Sure all he wanted was a free pass for a weekend of hunting. :) Anyway, you cracked me up so thanks so much for your post!

  11. That my outfit! Except I also wear rubber boots lined with Walmart bags just to get a little more life out of them. It ain't pretty here either.

    Kelly and I also haven't ridden in a month and I swear, I think I gained weight already! We have finally given up and we're on our winter break. The heck with it!

  12. Leigh9:54 PM

    That was hysterical. Do you actually have a picture of your hind end, If so post it, and I will give you my honest opinion on how big (or little) your butt looks. I won't even charge. I'm proud of myself-I'm beating you in trailtime hours this month. I've ridden 5 days :-) I mentioned to you before fall is my favorite riding season, but I meant when fall is autumn not winter.

  13. Anonymous11:25 PM

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