Dec 27, 2009

The Worst is Over Now

I haven't seen John since I've been up. His winter gear is gone, so I assume he has walked down to the shop to get the tractor. I saw the county grader on the highway, so looks like we might get out today. The wind is still blowing, but there are not the extreme gusts that we experienced the last couple days. It's just cold.

I noticed from the kitchen window that the horses ventured out to the pasture this morning. I quickly put on my own winter gear - well, as quickly as one can put on layers of winter wear - and grabbed my camera and headed out. There were drifts I had to trudge through right out the gate, but once in the pasture, most of the snow has landed in the terraces and there are actually places you can see grass stubble.

Butter couldn't muster up any activity from the herd, so she ran with the dog a bit, while the others just meandered around the pasture as if not sure what to do with themselves. I had blanketed Windy and Butter, as they tend to get run out of the barn more often. I pulled their blankets this morning, as I think the worst is over now. All of the horses had a good roll or two.

Before I made it back to the house, they had returned to the corral and bellied up to the round bale. It's going to be awhile before this stuff goes away. Oh, to look forward to the mud that brings!


  1. You will get the ability to go to town, and then get there, and think "What do I really need?" lol But it is the fact you CAN get off the farm.

    We have only been totally shut off once since moving to TX. Had an ice storm the first winter here, and it took 3 days to melt enough we could drive down the driveway. I remember going to Wal-Mart and just walking around for awhile. :-)

  2. That's a good idea. I took some pics of icicles hanging lower than I've ever seen them hang. I have a fun pic of the ice hanging off the wire fence. Love the pic of Butter, I think, plowing throug the snow!

  3. WHOA NELLY TAMMY! Look at all that white stuff...and you riding in, that is amazing!
    Be xtra careful not know what may be lurking under the snow for the horse( Have a friend that got his horse in trouble last year)

  4. Bbbbrrrrrr! It looks so cold there, yet beautiful, too.
    The horses look fat, fluffy and happy...well as happy as they can be without their grass to nibble on. hehe!

    Happy New Year to you.


  5. The snowfall totals for Fremont are around 14-15 inches. Our neighbor, an awesome farmer, came over and dug out our driveway yesterday. We have so much seems that it blew off of the fields and landed on our property. Including a 20+ foot drift on the north end of the property. This stuff is going to be around for a LONG while!

  6. Shoofly11:38 AM

    Blue is wintering well. ;)

  7. I'm glad its calmed down for you guys! It looks beautiful and the horses do look beautiful in a snowy pasture. But ah yes, the mess melting snow leaves behind....stay warm and have a happy new year!


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