Jan 1, 2010

And In With The New

The New Year. Resolution time and all that jazz. Beyond hoping for a happy and healthy year, I don't go much further in forecasting its outcome. I can barely keep up with the day to day lists. With that said, it’s easy, however, to set horse related goals because riding is all I want to do. The challenge is keeping those goals realistic when there is only so much time in the day and days in the month that have to be shared with those other family activity, work and miscellaneous mundane tasks that make up life. But I’m the queen of shuffling things around to make it all work or at least appear that way.

Here is my short, but important list:

Trail Time Hours: Exceed 2009 hours which exceeded 2008 hours which exceeded 2007 hours, etc. (Trail Time is a ride program sponsored by the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee.)

The Herd: With John & the boys riding less and less, I have three more horses that need some saddle time, too. Include those horses in a regular riding rotation or invite a horseless friend to come ride with me.

Competitive Trail Rides: Ah, what’s another couple rides! And maybe a Limited Distance Ride, too!

Ride New Trails: Plans are underway for our biennial trip with the Newbergs and we will be blazing new trails!

Camp More: Just do it. I’ll regret that I didn’t do it more when the snow flies in the fall!

And finally….

Lose Weight, Again! (Wow! If that picture doesn’t scare the heck out of you, nothing will!) Two years ago, I worked very hard to lose almost 40 pounds. Truly, it was more difficult than when I quit smoking. At least with that bad habit, once I was over it, I was done. I don’t need a cigarette to live. (I know, try telling that to a smoker!) But with food, it’s always there. I need to feed my family. I need to eat. Not to mention all the social events which seem to center around food. It’s easy to eat more than I should.

I have proven to myself that the true secret to losing weight (hang on to your hats now) is diet and exercise. (Surprise!) I’ve been kind of lax in both lately and I feel the pounds creeping back. So, believe it or not (and as cliché as it may be), probably the most important goal for 2010 is not one of those listed above, but to get back into my size 10 Levis which I worked so hard to fit into in the first place. My horse will thank me. And I’ll feel better, too.

So that’s it. Short & sweet and all very doable. What are your horse related goals for 2010?


  1. First of all congratulations on losing all that weight. I know how hard it is to keep it off, I struggle too. Your goals all seem realistic and I hope you can achieve what you want in 2010.

    I'm not making resolutions because they never stick. I just plan on eating healthier, exercising and having fun with my family and horses etc...

  2. Janette5:28 PM

    My goal last year was to log on trail time 200 hours. I made it easy. So this year I am going to ride 300 hours. I know I can make it. I have to watch my weight also. If I don't My horse Sticks his tongue out at me when my back is turned. I am sure.

  3. Sounds like great goals! I have some of the same - more trail rides, more CTR's, more camping trips. And I want to organize 1 ride someplace I haven't been. Maybe a smaller ride of 10-20 riders. I do need to start my Trail Time again. And I need to lose 10 pounds, but I think 5 just came off due to this dang flu! Thanks for your comments about Finny's blog. I am feeling much better - it's hard to explain how it happened, but it just did, and now I'm better. Can't wait to ride with you later this spring! I'll have more free ride times! Happy New Year, Tammy.

  4. Congrats on the weight loss. I'd like to lose some, too. But my first priority is becoming stronger and more flexible. As you know a major injury can really set you back in those goals.

    I hope you reach all those goals for 2010. It will be fun to check back here and see all the rides and great times you will be having.

    Happy New Year Tammy!


  5. Thanks, all - but just to clarify, my weight loss was 2 years ago & I have put some back on - so my goal is to lose what I put back on so I can look like that picture again. The good picture, not the scary one! :)

  6. I have a smaller size of jeans calling to me too. Need to get with the program and make some progess that direction.

    Happy New Year!

  7. Congrats on the weight loss! You look great!!
    My only goals this year is to try to squeeze in my 3 horses with all the horses from work!! Sounds crazy, but I am hoping I have the time. I told my boyfriend he is going to have to start doing more with Fritzy, I just can't do it all. But that is also a goal of mine, to ride Fritzy more so I can build my confidence back with her.
    Happy New Year!

  8. Love your resolutions! I think I might possibly - barely - have squeaked out more time in the saddle this year than last, and I fully intend to do even better next year.

    It's a darn shame to have an almost 8-year-old gelding with less riding time than I wanted him to have at five. So there's my goal. Life will not interfere this year (I hope!).

    Looking forward to reading about your new year - Happy 2010! :)

  9. Loved your post. My weight CAME when I stopped smoking. So this year, the 20 lbs have to go! I know my horses will thank me.

  10. AND you're wearing a helmet in the After picture. Looks great!

    We just quit smoking. I'm so depressed I could care less about eating. Can't even eat! Who cares about eating when I don't even want to live?! lol Yet I'm somehow gaining weight...


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