Sunday Stills ~ Sports

Each week I try to participate in the online Sunday Stills challenge. This week's challenge was simply "Sports". I took the above picture & the one immediately following at our Trails Committee's annual game day fundraiser where we compete in what is generally mounted games, such as barrel racing and pole bending.

My friend, Mary Hanson, is an avid driver. She competed in the games using her team of Morgans. Her husband, Dwight, is on the back of the cart. His job is important to keep the balance of the buggy. The dust from the wheels show the speed in which the cart was moving. It was really quite exciting to watch.

This past summer, I stepped out of my comfort zone and actually did compete in a couple of Competitive Trail Rides. This picture was taken at Smithville Lake, Missouri, as we picked our way along the trail. It had rained five inches in 2 hours the afternoon before, which brought many challenges to both horse and rider.

Looking at some other Sunday Stills pictures reminded me of these shots taken while on a riding vacation in South Dakota. The boys took a time out from horses to go fishing at Deerfield Lake.


  1. Now thats cool! And different, well done..:-)

  2. Those are beautiful photos! I think your luck is really skill. ;)

    I would love to see that driving class.

    Are you doing any CTR this year?

  3. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Really neat shots, nice job. :)

  4. Loved your post, well done, I liked all your pics but I have to go with the Driving one very exciting and well ....I'm partial to Morgans.

  5. Oooh! I love the fishing photos. You captured the reflective quality of the water perfectly.


  6. LOVE that first pic!

  7. Really great shots Tammy!

  8. gorgeous shots! I line drove Paige, but when it comes to hitching up and driving....I think I'm too chicken to try it!

  9. I Love the first fishing pic - being further away and seeing more of the water. Mary and Dwight look great on their carriage. CTR's with friends are fun!

  10. Great shots! The driving shots are very intense. One of my riding goals - at some point in my life - is to do a 25-mile CTR or endurance race. One of these days...

  11. I am born in the year of the horse, but sadly, not in the enviroment to own a horse.

    Like that reflection photo. Very nicely done.


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