Jan 8, 2010

Too Cold at Home

I'll try to give a quick weather update without using a plethora of expletives, which right now, isn't easy. Seems no one around these parts is saying "the weather" without inserting what seems an appropriate cuss word:

"The ^&*%* weather".

(By the way, no one around these parts uses the word "plethora" either, but it is a rather cool word in the right circumstances.)

In my best weatherman voice: Overnight temperatures dropped to double digits below the zero mark with 30 - 40 mph wind gusts. Snowing has stopped, but temperatures remain brutal. My weather bug showed -9 this morning with a -24 wind-chill temperature. Tonight the air temperature is expected to drop to -25 below zero. Who knows what that makes the wind-chill. I can't count that far backwards.

Our county road is still blown closed, as is our driveway. We aren't going anywhere soon, it would seem. Most area schools remain closed for the 3rd day in a row. This is some crazy *&^#* weather we are having!

Although it is still -2 at 1:00 this afternoon, the sun is shining and the wind has dropped to a steady 10 mph. John made the boys get up early today and bring in fire wood from a pile out yonder. They were pretty sure this was some sort of child abuse as they pulled on their coveralls, balaclava and the other normal attire which John and I have been sporting for days just to take care of the livestock. I can already hear the embellishments they plan to tell their kids about their blizzard workload! I’m glad to report there were no casualties while performing this sadistic chore, although they most certainly thought they were Going. To. Die. It probably took them a good thirty minutes before their fingers warmed up enough to play video games again!

I’ve enjoyed reading your comments from my prior posts. It seems many of you have also had an unusual weather year. Yes, we have all had enough already! Midwesterners are pretty tough, but jeez, it's wearing me out! It’s time for a warm change.

More Lucky Shots coming up later. Clicking through thousands of digital pictures has been a nice distraction.


  1. Well that sucks! I hope your weather changes soon. I don't think I'd be able to take those temps, the snow doesn't bother me but it's waaay too cold! Snuggle up and stay warm.

  2. Anonymous7:06 PM

    I too am dreading this cold brutal winter. It's been a month since I've been able to saddle up, which is way too long. Mr Winter has to give us a break soon, doesn't he?

  3. It was 3 degrees at my house this morning. I got a call from the school that the bus would be very late because it wouldn't start and my son ended up staying home. It's just too cold!!

  4. That is so cold!! I am so happy that my area did not get hit with those terrible temps!! We are staying in the 40's, not to brag or anything!!
    Stay warm!!

  5. You are a great writer. Your stories are always interesting and charming. Have you ever read any of Michael Perry's stuff? I recently read his "Population: 485." Check it out. I think you'd like it.


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