Feb 20, 2010

The Big Reveal

I don’t know what kind of condition or sickness it is, but I tend to start burying myself in a lot of projects – big projects – before the first one is complete. As mentioned in my prior blog, I started revamping my website, horsetrailriders.com, before the house project was done. Not to mention the weekend deadline of having the Nebraska Horse Expo schedule completed. I guess I had to do something while those floors dried.

We moved back into the living room late yesterday afternoon. Of course with new paint and floors, I would love to have new furniture, but that will have to wait. I do plan to get a big area rug for the center of the room. I’ll be looking for colors which lighten up the space. It's funny, the paint color is the same in all these rooms but takes on a different look depending on the lighting. The picture below, I believe, is the best representation of the true color.

This foyer behind the columns has always been one of those spaces I wasn’t sure what to do with. I think I’ll find a pretty upholstered bench to put in front of the staircase. John still needs to hang the chandelier. Today, we’ll put the dining room back together but I’ll hold on those pictures until I get curtains for the room. It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday this weekend, so John invited guests over on Sunday. Guess we’ll break it all in.

For those interested in the status of Horsetrailriders.com ~ The Website, I’m just waiting for the domain name transfer to happen – which everyone tells me is silly to have taken this long – but I’m at the mercy of Yahoo, I guess. You can, however, have a sneak preview here or by using the side navigation at the top of this page.


  1. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Just lovely - now you can come and do my house!

  2. The rooms look gorgeous, love the paint and floors. Everything looks so new and shiny. I think a bench would look nice in the foyer. I have a grandfather clock and table/chest with flowers in mine. I couldn't decide between the chest and bench but I had the table already so that won the spot.

    Like the new site. Good luck with it.

  3. OMG! Your house is beautiful. Please give me the details on that gorgeous floor. I'm in the market for a new floor, and I really like the color and shine of yours. Send me an email at nuzzlingmuzzles@gmail.com if you've got the time. Thanks.

  4. LOVE those floors! You all did an amazing job. Pioneer Woman's home and garden section featured a similar foyer this week. Maybe it could give you some ideas.

  5. Congrats on the website!

    Wow! Those floors sure do shine! Gorgeous! Interesting how the walls change color tone like that, but all the rooms are beautiful :)


  6. Your house is absolutely gorgeous. I would love all that natural wood.


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