Feb 23, 2010

Do They Ride in Rhode Island?

I try to post to this blog a minimum of two times a week and most of the time that comes easy for me. Being that my family doesn’t have the same excitement over horses that I do, I can talk to you about my horse life. If you tune in here, you must get it, right?

When I started Stable Talk on Horsetrailriders.com: The Website years ago, (blogging before I knew what blogging was), I thought I would always have something to say, but after awhile, I started losing my edge. No longer were my posts clever and fun (assuming some of them were to begin with), but almost had the tone of a junior high student having to write his obligatory book report. (Which reminds me, is his book report done?) I got out of the habit of writing something regularly and finished off 2007 with only a dozen stories on Stable Talk.

The next year, when looking for an easy way to tell the tales of our 10-day horse vacation, I discovered Blogger. I had forgotten how much I missed writing. And all of a sudden everything old seemed new again and I looked forward to once again sharing my horse stories. Taking it off my website, Horsetrailriders.com: The Blog gave me a different audience; many of whom had like interests, but not necessarily local. The Blogger community expanded my horse friendships nationwide. How cool is that? Every state in the union and countries I haven’t heard of have tuned in at least once to this blog.

Well…. okay, I lied. Not every state. Forty-nine states to be exact. There is one hold-out. According to Google Analytics, I have no friends in Rhode Island. You would think just one horse person out in Rhode Island would find me. Over 200,000 have found my website and over 50,000 have found this blog. Doesn't Rhode Island have Google? Are there horse trails in Rhode Island? Are there horses in Rhode Island. Just how big is Rhode Island anyway?

As I am rebuilding Horsetrailriders.com: The Website, I was reading some of my old Stable Talk posts from 2004. Some weren’t bad and I’ll include in the archives of the website, while others were so embarrassing, deleting was my only saving grace! I’ll look at 2005 entries tomorrow. I can only take the pain in small doses.

What I am trying to say in this long, drawn out post is while I have been neglectful of this Blog, I have been working behind the scenes on the Website. Yahoo tells me The Website may be back up on Thursday and then I can stop worrying about it and get back to my regular postings on The Blog.

(Re-reading this post, I think a Junior High book report WOULD have been written better and probably more interesting!)

In other news, the Nebraska Horse Expo Schedule is out!


  1. That is very cool to have readers in forty nine states. Hmmm...calling Rhode Island riders!!!

  2. Ahhh, another person who has the writing urge. Blogging is perfect for that. I giggled over your paragraph about Rhode Island. Back when I was submitting my writing to literary journals, I'd record which states I was published in on a map on my wall, hoping to get all of them at some point. I had a writer friend who had been published in every U.S. state except Hawaii, so he changed his first name to initials so that he could submit to a woman writer's magazine there to get his last state. I don't know if it ever worked or not.


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