Feb 16, 2010


I am in the process of doing a bunch of technical stuff to Horsetrailriders.com ~ the website, not the blog. Fun stuff like changing webhosts, moving domain names & all this stuff that takes too much time and no instant gratification. No doubt, the timing will be off and Horsetrailriders.com will go black for a day or two or more. And when it comes back, who knows what I will need to do to bring all your favorite pages back up. But I'll try really hard.

I don't know why I do these things when I have 101 other things to do right now! I guess I work better under pressure or something. So if its gone, it will be back. Check here for status updates...



  1. LOL....Winter Project!!! I'm working on my friend's website now too. I figure working on a horse website is the next best thing to actually getting to work with my horse.

  2. Fun! or not...lol!

    Might as well keep busy when you can't ride, right? :-)



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