Feb 13, 2010

I Got Nuthin'!

I got nuthin’ to report! That’s the problem with a theme related blog. I ain’t livin’ it right now. My five hay burners are doing nothin’ but bellying up to the bale and wallowing in the mud. But mud is good. It means the temps have been over 32 degrees. Just barely, but we’ll take it. So if you tuned in for a horse report. That’s it. Click on out of here. The rest of the story is not horse related, but its all I got!

I’m cracking the whip on this construction project. I’ve had enough of dust and chaos and just want it done. If we had a crew of dozen good men, it might be. But John and I continue to trudge along with occasional help from the offspring. So close, so close and yet so far… (Name that song.) I told him I want to be putting the finishing touches on by the end of next weekend. I’m not sure he believed me.

If you recall, the plan was to remove the carpet and refinish the floors in the office, dining room and living room. Then paint those rooms, plus the foyer and the stairwell. We sanded the dining room and office first. The office floor was rough. We decided to replace it with laminate flooring. So that room is done, sans the window coverings. Of all the rooms, I missed my office the most.

The dining room is painted, a new fixture in place and there is one coat of shine on the floor. It’s in a holding pattern. We are sanding the living room floor this weekend. Its walls are done. The foyer and stairwell have been trimmed out and I will roll the paint tomorrow. If all goes as planned, we can start putting more shine on the floor each morning. It will take several coats.

Butternut. The color of the walls in the office and dining room and the world’s toughest color to match for window treatments. I’m looking for “pop”, as they say on HDTV, and nuthin’ is poppin’. After three attempts and returns, the JCPenneys’ lady is pretty sure I picked a winner this time. Of course they didn’t have the size I wanted, so the jury is still out pending the arrival of the UPS truck.

Wheat Grass. It’s such a pretty name for the living room, foyer and stairwell paint. It describes it perfectly. But as my friend Sandy put it – my paint color is a bit of a chameleon. During the day, it is the color of wheat right before its cut. But once the sun sets, the yellow is gone and it is greener than I would have chosen. The HDTV people tell me once the furnishings are back in place and curtains up, the color doesn't play such a big role. I'm hoping that will be the case and it will tone down a bit.

The Half Bath. It wasn’t in the plan but as long as I'm tearing apart rooms, it made the hit list. I think I must have thought when I put up the (horrendous) floral wallpaper circa 1996 that I would have won the lottery by now and someone else would have to remove it. The ticket never came in and that someone was McCain and me. And Oh My Gosh, warning to all women who have boys or are pregnant and could have a boy or might in the future. Do Not Put In White Tile! This room is being refloored with a wood look laminate. The wall color is pending.

Mississippi Mud. The new color for McCain’s bedroom walls. I made the mistake of taking him to the Home Depot with me today and he decided to join the remodeling fun. Oh happy day!

Big Dog Little Rug. The dogs aren't sure they care for not having wall to wall carpeting. I think I need to get some bigger rugs!


  1. I'm envious because I have been wanting to paint and redo my floors for a long time now. Hopefully, I can get it done in the next year or two. I'd be happy to win the lottery though...

  2. Boy, do I know what you mean, I have white floors in the kitchen, and I tell you what, as soon as we redo the house they are going. I have two boys, the hubby and the son and they do enough damage!

  3. We had white and turquoise colored vinyl flooring in our bathrooms and kitchen in our previous house. gak! Not good with two boys and a hubby at all. One thing I always tell people, too, is if you're doing a darker tile, be sure to choose a med-darker colored grout or the same problem with dirt will show up.
    I don't like the look of wood in a bathroom or kitchen, though it does look gorgeous everywhere else. I abhor wallpaper, too! gah! In one of our previous houses we owned, the people had put up this crazy navy blue wallpaper with burgundy, green and gold flowers that were HUGE. Like bigger than dinner plates. The weird thing was that the flowers looked like alien faces with gaping mouths. That was in our master bathroom and it felt like walking into a spooky dark cave! What were those people thinking?!

    We've still got lots of snow around, but it's starting to melt, and turn everything into sloppy mud. I keep reminding myself that this too shall pass and in return we'll finally have some beautiful, lush geen grass this summer to take it's place. Last year we only got 3 good rains, so we had no grass growth and everything was dry and brown.


  4. hang in there! :) Now that you are picking paint colors, it should be more fun.

    The wheatgrass color actually looks blueish on my monitor.


  5. Hang in there! Winter has to end some time - LOL! We had to hike in from the road today when we got to the farm. 2' drifts. Thank goodness the tractor is working.

    At least you're getting your inside construction stuff done while it's crummy outside - you'll have guilt-free time to spend horsing around once the weather finally turns for the better :) Yay!

  6. I cannot believe the size and scope of this project! At least you're using these snowy weeks for good.


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