Mar 29, 2010

50/50 Weekend

It was a 50/50 weekend. Saturday was the bad 50. A total bust. It was cold, cloudy, and rainy. A Monday type of day. To make matters worse, I ate the day away. And now I have a fear of the scale. Yes, I'm still dieting. Those dang 10 winter pounds will not go away.

The other 50% of the weekend was sunny, albeit the wind was blowing terribly most of the afternoon. At least it dried things out a bit. I spent the afternoon spring cleaning the living quarters of my horse trailer. How come that is much more pleasant than cleaning the house? Then after a little yard work, I went and changed into my riding gear.

It seemed still. I thought the wind had died down as I left the yard. I moved Windy into a trot as I normally do when we leave our drive. She will give me less resistance leaving the herd if we move out quickly. We passed the neighbor’s farm whose grain bin dryers were going and started to trot up the first hill which must have provided some sort of a windbreak. Just as the wind whistled through my helmet, it dawned on me I wasn’t just hearing wind; but a fast moving vehicle.

No sooner did the thought cross my mind than a big white Chevy truck crested the hill dead center in the road. I was in my lane but the proximity to that dually was too close for comfort. In a less than gentle move, I yanked the rein to the right and dropped down off the incline of the road into the ditch, still moving at a pretty good clip. I lost my stirrup and my seat, but managed to stay on as I circled her to a stop.

The driver slowed. I remember thinking "don't let me fall off in front of him". I didn't. To his credit, I don’t know who he is but he has passed me before when riding and always slows down. As a rule, when the wind is strong, I don’t run the hills. I didn't realize the hill was blocking the wind until I almost crested it. Although our roads are not real high traffic, I won’t wear ear buds or listen to music when riding. Hearing what is going on around me is very important; especially if I can’t see what is coming down the road.

After I pulled my heart back out of my throat, we moved on down the road. The next truck that came upon us slowed way down, the wife and child smiling and waving big as they passed us. Windy evidently didn’t have any ill effects from me yanking her into the ditch earlier as she barely flicked an ear as the truck passed us.

The gate to the small rural cemetery was open as we passed, so I steered Windy in, careful to stay on the gravel road. I am one of those weirdoes who like to explore cemeteries. Some other day I’ll find a post for hitching Windy and check out this small graveyard.

Besides just one crappy day, the sunshine has finally returned. The farmer across the way is now harvesting his corn. Now that is the first time in my lifetime I have seen a corn harvest in March. He’d better hurry before we get another winter storm!


(Check out the moon coming up in the horizon in the shadow pictures!)


  1. We have torrential rain at the moment, to be followed by heavy snow, the forecasters are now saying that we can expect about 18 inches of the damn stuff. So late in the year!
    Your right about the winter pounds though!
    Not keen on cemeteries though!

  2. The farmers are combining corn over here in Western Illinois too. Seems very weird. We also de-winterized our horse trailer this weekend. Gotta change the linens inside and stock it to go. I am more than ready.

    Glad your ride turned out safe.

    I've been doing the Wii fit plus every morning since the new year. I've lost a total of 1 pound, but my trousers do fit better. Mine is from stopping the smokes.

  3. Glad you wound up having a safe ride. It does seem weird to be doing the corn now, but I guess there's a reason for it. I like very old graveyards with the tipped and moss covered stones to look at. I tend to stay out of them though, I'm a little superstitious and spooky.
    The one and only time I went to my mom's grave to plant flowers a frog leaped out at me and I screamed and jumped as high as he did, that's how tense I get in cemeteries.Everybody else probably thought I was nuts or had seen a ghost.

  4. I'll be you'd like the movie Harold and Maude if you haven't seen it. They liked cemeteries too, especially attending funerals of people they don't know. I'm glad the drivers slowed down. I just wish they'd do it sooner.

  5. YOU have always been an Intrepid Rider Tammy!May I have the honor of giving you the AWARD? Maybe I have already say 4 times?
    It is on my sidebar...please do take it and have fun with it!

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...your shadow shot, in the field w/ the moon peeking over you!Awesome shots...of a harrowing ride..sometimes we just gotta go though! I am glad you kept your seat too..."tis a good ride-If you stay on then horse"!(PBO's husband says)
    I do have to say that wind is my least liked time to try to ride...cudos for you going anywho!
    Lets Pray April will be gentler on us!

  6. Scary stuff, cars driving fast! Good thing all went well.

  7. It takes me most of the summer to get rid of my winter weight. By the time it's gone, I'm back to putting it on again. How I hate that cycle.


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