Mar 26, 2010

Isn't She Lovely....

I am very frustrated! When I went on to Blogger, things had changed. It wanted me to upload my pictures from Picasso. So I made an album & did. Then when I published, they were a mess... too big for the screen. So when I went back to edit, the old editor was there.... but the post was so screwed up .... I tried to fix it and frustration mounted.... I am burning daylight sitting at the computer. So, the rest of the blog will be up later... it was kind of corny anyway.


  1. I`ve had the same issues with Blogger here, but! I went back to the old publisher. It then asked, if I would like to use the new publisher. I tried it, and as you have stated,all hell broke loose! I lost some piccies.So, I`m back to the old one and I`ll saty with it!
    But yes she is really beautiful!

  2. She's gorgeous. I hate working with blogger too.


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