Mar 19, 2010

My Virtual Ride

As promised, the temperatures hit the mid sixties yesterday. And best of all, the sun was shining most of the day, albeit it was a bit hazy by the time I got home. It was hard to stay at work all day after the crazy winter we have had. We midwesterners are pretty tough, but I think I speak for most when I say we don’t want a winter like this again! It truly was the worst that I remember and I’m not the only one saying that!

I got home shortly after 5:00. It was casual day at work, so didn’t even need to change my clothes – just put on my boots and headed for the barn. Took the halter and lead from the tack room and then looked at my horse standing in the corral looking at me. Nothing but mud between us.

Now horses aren’t like cats. You can’t “here kitty, kitty” them. I do have a grain call that I give them when they are out to pasture, but Windy ain’t no fool. I had a halter, not a grain can. So catch me if you can, she said as she turned away from me! I tippy- toed on the outside of the corral trying to stay out of the mud. Looking for dry areas (unsuccessfully I might add), I hopped across the mud and poop toward my mare, as if on stepping stones. She flagged her tail and ran the other way. But not before she saw me offer one of the other mares (ah, good girl, Butter) something in my pocket. Faked her out! Curiosity got the best of her. I won.

Once saddled, my horse, my dog and I headed down our roads. Wearing just a lightweight jacket, it felt like March in Nebraska should feel. I had a little bit of a “spring” horse underneath me but I expected it and she was nothing I couldn’t handle. A little scary when I thought she broke a rein. She didn't. It unsnapped when she rubbed her leg. Of course it had to happen when I was chatting on the cell phone. Everything bad happens when I'm chatting on the cell phone. Maybe I should stop that.

After the first mile, she no longer thought about going home. We did some long trotting and loped the flat bottoms. The roads were mostly quiet. The terrorist driver in the 1/2 ton silver truck passed us once and wasn't even going full throttle for a change. Every time I see him, I always think of that old movie “Duel” with Dennis Weaver. (Is he still alive, Debi?) Things are looking up.

We rode down to where the sign says the bridge is out. It isn’t. We rode to and across the bridge and didn't fall in. Didn't even worry about falling in. I think the house on the other side of the bridge would be worried about falling in, too, if the bridge really were out. The sign going the other direction says the road is closed. It isn’t. But heck, it gives me a half mile of riding without worrying about Dennis Weaver’s nemesis in the Ram truck.

All said I rode just under 7 miles. Not terribly far and not real fast. But a good start in the late season. If we continue to get some nice days, I’ll do the 9 mile loop next. And there is also another section I have been hoping to check out soon. I think it will be awhile before the trails are dry enough for horse traffic.

I thought about all of you when I was riding and hoped you got out to enjoy "our ride". The Big Fat Lying Weatherman told the truth for once about the nice day. He's never wrong when it is bad news, you know. Yep, it’s been snowing all day today. I told the Horsetales group that I think he and Mother Nature are sleeping together. And I don’t like it. Pure evil.


  1. Anonymous5:50 PM

    Thanks for taking us along!

  2. Ha ha! Duel is one of the few movies that I vividly remember. Thanks for sharing the ride.

  3. No the weathermen are never wrong about bad weather are they! I'm glad you got out to ride, 7 miles, wow that's a long one. Hope the weather holds for you and thanks for the virtual ride.

  4. Glad you got to ride outdoors. We loaded up Friday evening and hauled to the indoor. Although the weather had been really nice Wednesday and Thursday by Friday it was cold and windy. We debated about trail riding but opted for the arena instead.

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  6. Came across your site, liked it, a lot! Followed your virtual ride. Great fun.
    Looks like spring is on the way here too. Thanks for the journey.


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