Mar 5, 2010

Short Post

I always envy those bloggers who write short, witty posts. I tend to get windy. My stories are usually more long and drawn out. You would think with the lack of horse activity going on around here, short would be easy for me. Since I am short on time today, here is my shot at a condensed version.

Of Expo Interest: I could not catch a break in the weather to start working with Windy for the Mane Challenge, so I am borrowing a friend’s show horse. I am taking a crash course in western pleasure and trail today. Windy will still go to expo. She gets to be the NECTRA demo horse. I hope she behaves herself.

Of Blog Interest: Rhode Island has checked in. I have finally had visitors to this blog from every state.

The Remodel Project: Still no curtains in the dining room or office. Half bath remains under construction.

Weather: We’ve had an incredible sunny week with highs in the mid-forties. The snow is melting. The place looks like a mud-hole. Paw prints are much easier to clean on wood floors than they were on carpeting.

That's all I got today.....


  1. The remodel looks like it's going great, everything is beautiful. Guess we'll all be heading into mud season soon.

  2. I the witty short posts of others!
    Well, we all have our unique style! Mine is far less words with more photos..they say it all for me truly.

    Love your home and the trail NECTRA sounds fabulous...exciting times ahead, it will be spring soon!

  3. Wow, I love your house!

    The NECTRA sounds exciting. Is spring finally here?

  4. I find it hard to talk about ANYTHING when the weather is so poopy!!!

  5. I'm one of those who has a really hard time posting short, too.

    Your house is GORGEOUS! Where did you find the dining room light? I've been looking for one like that for my dining room and can't seem to find one that is simple but beautiful.

  6. That dining room is gorgeous! Thank goodness for small miracles....yay for hard floors. Carpeting just attracts dirt.



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