Mar 10, 2010


I rode on Sunday! Yep, saddled up my Windy mare and rode about 8 miles with my friend, Tammy M. and my good dog, Ritz. It was cloudy and only in the 40’s, but there was no wind. The gravel roads had halfway decent footing and we never met a single car the entire ride. So relatively speaking, after a winter like this, it was a heck of a good day for a ride!

I’m thinking Windy has put on a few pounds during her forced hiatus. I had to loosen the off-billet a notch. She felt rounder, too. And she puffed a little bit when we loped up that last hill! My horse probably thinks I felt a little heavier, too. And that I puffed a bit. I am and I did. We both have work to do to get back into riding shape!

Yesterday I pulled out my 2 horse trailer, put air in three of the four tires and took Windy to my farrier’s house for a trim. Our yard is so muddy right now that there is just no where dry for him to trim. He has a nice indoor barn to do the trimming. If nothing else, her feet are ready for expo. Blue's feet (above)? Not so much.

This morning we pulled our gooseneck trailer out of its winter spot and through the muddiest part of our driveway. It made it without getting stuck. We parked it near the house so I can begin packing for Expo. Anyone want to bathe a horse for me?


  1. Nope. You're on your own. That is going to be a looooooong bath.

  2. Bath what for? You know it will last only for a moment;)

  3. Ugh! Yucky mud! It's been snowing here since Sunday night, so I am so grateful to have gotten in my weekend riding. The ground keeps fluctuating between frozen and thawed. I kind of like it better frozen, 'cause the mud is just horrible!
    But I'm so fed up with winter, too.

    Good luck with the bath...and have fun at the Expo. I know you will!


  4. Anonymous4:54 PM

    Your mud looks about like our mud, except ours has bits of ice and lots of standing water. Yuck - but it's better than winter!

  5. I'm singing the mud blues too!

  6. Oooh that mud!! yuck!! Sounds like Windy is good to go, have fun at the Expo.

  7. Farrier came to our house yesterday. Yippee - now we can ride! NOT - mud is the color of my equine true loves.

    So - send the bathing fool to my house next. Thanks!

  8. My trailer is nicely parked on our gravel driveway, so I can easily get out. Heck, I can be back in the driveway too! My issue is turning around! With everything so soggy, I can't swing or back around anywhere!!! What a mess!

    My farrier came out last night, and he was so thankful for a dry barn, with cement floors, to work in. I was thankful too....that wind was rather chilly!

  9. You're complaining about "cloudy and only in the 40s"? When I milked the goat and did chores last night there was a foot of new snow on the ground and it was 5 degrees BELOW zero. I will be dancing for joy when it's only in the 40s and cloudy!

  10. Glad you got out for a ride after such a miserable winter. You're on your own for the bath, we've got eight muddy bodies here in need. Not yet though, it's still too cold and wet for baths. Have fun at Expo.


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