Mar 1, 2010

Warmer Days & Free Underwear!

The above picture taken by The Pioneer Woman represents how I feel today. I am doing the Happy Dance! No reason other than it’s March 1st! Almost the end of the longest winter of my life! Time stood still in January and barely moved in February. And now that those months are over, I sit and wonder where time has gone? The older you get the more that happens, you know. The kids say everything "takes forever" and when I blink, time is gone!

I am closing in on one of those ends of decade birthdays. (No happy dance there.) It doesn't seem possible when I don’t feel a day over 33. I can do all the things I could do then except one: stay up late. I start to fade about 10:00 pm. Any later than 11:00, I become incoherent. I am a terrible mother because I can't even stay awake long enough to make sure my teenager makes it home okay. (Please don't tell him that.)

I got a coupon in the mail for a free pair of Victoria Secret underwear. Now that’s a new marketing gimmick. I can’t help wonder what the demographics were and why I was on the list. Now is not the time in my life when I worry about what kind of underwear I have on or what they look like other than ensuring I won't be embarrassed should I get into an accident, and I won't. I have to admit I got more excited about the recent $5 off Nutrena feed coupon . But I am slightly amused over the opportunity to get free underwear. I would definitely use it if the nearest VS store was at least in my neighborhood but doubt I’ll drive over 40 miles for a free pair of undies. But I did put it in my purse just in case.

The last few days has it started to warm up to the 30’s. It’s been a welcome relief from the single digit temperatures we had for most of February. It seems that after the last storm in January, we just all hunkered down and went about our business in the coldest winter of our generation. Not like we had any choice in the matter. The drifts around our home are still huge. I’m curious how long it will take to melt and wonder where all the water will go. It’s going to get messy! I can't imagine when the trails will be dry enough to ride. But can't imagine going much longer not riding.

The Big Fat Lying Weatherman has teased me with the possibility of temperatures in the 50’s this weekend. Wow! That's tank top weather! Maybe I'll get a new bra at VS, too!

Twelve days to go until Nebraska Horse Expo….


  1. Boy is that saying ever correct!! It is so hard to believe how time flies the older we get.
    That is one beautiful photo from Pioneer Woman!
    Hope you get that warmer weather soon! We have been having such a warm winter, I am not complaining. I can't wait for tank top weather! I got spoiled while I was in Scottsdale!

  2. We are beginning to see the ground again at our house.... Unfortunately the biggest snow drifts we have are around and IN my round pen. I bet I won't be able to use that thing until June....


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