Apr 7, 2010

Comments to the Comments

Just so you know, I read each and every one of your comments. I love getting comments to my posts. I write because I want to – it gives me a release to the jibber jabber that goes on in my head 24/7. The comments are icing on the cake. Someone really is out there!

And when I read your comments, if I were to reply to each one, I would, no doubt, strike up a dialogue. In case you haven't figured it out, I am a bit long winded! ;) So what is the proper protocol? I've commented back in the comments section, I've replied by private email & I've also commented on your blog about your comments on mine! But I've done none of this consistently. And I still don’t know what I’ll do in the future. For today, I thought I would reply to some of the most recent comments; if nothing else, it will make me feel better. I hate loose ends. So it is time to clean house.

Food & Fur: My recap of Easter. Cheyenne, yes, we had a beautiful day on Sunday. I would say it was one of the best so far this year. High 80’s, sunshine and no wind. Believe me; those days are hard to come by. And to the rest of you who sympathized with me saddling 5 horses… yeah, what a job. But it can somewhat therapeutic, too. And I’m not surprised there are others out there who are Peep fans, too! Yes, GHM – they are best when slightly crispy! And Mindee is doing much better with her dieting than I am.

More Spring Cleaning: Isn’t that grain bin cool? It is pretty big on the inside… I don’t recall the dimensions for sure. I know if I were a kid, it would make an awesome playhouse. Yes, with imagination it could work for a guest house – small, but fun!

Frazzled: Thank you for your compliments on my pictures – the sepia tones which matched the mood I was in when I wrote that post. I love long trotting or loping down the roads. It really clears the head. The problems are still there, but it lightens the load. Lisa – Chosen by a Horse quickly became a favorite of mine, as well. It warmed my heart that Lay Me Down loved the sunshine. I can so relate. I am going to blog about that book someday. I experienced a lot of emotions as I listened to it.

50/50 Weekend: The cemetery post. I knew I was the weird one in my fascination with cemeteries! Guess none of you will ride there with me! Kacy awarded me with her Intrepid Rider Award. My first one! Thank you, Kacy. (And I am.)

And finally,

Isn’t She Beautiful: Lisa was right! The song at the end was by the 70’s band, Head East, off the album Flat as a Pancake.

Okay, enough already. I think I just convinced myself to comment to the comments in the comments section! Before it all piles up....


  1. Like you, I either reply to a comment in the comment section itself, email, or reply on their post and refer to their comment. I notice that some of the "big" non-horsey bloggers (home decor) respond to every comment via email. I recently read in a blogging publication at the bookstore that it is proper etiquette to respond to each comment. That would take a lot of time for someone like the Pioneer Woman, who gets hundreds, LOL! I love leaving comments on blogs, but I don't always have time. I love reading comments on my blog. I think it makes a big diference to know it's interactive and people are reading what we have to say.
    A friend at work loaned me the book "Chosen By A Horse." I am reading "Riding Lessons" right now and plan to start that one next!!

  2. lol! Looks like you covered all the bases. I used to be much better at replying to comments, but I've gotten lazy. If someone asks me a direct question, I do try to answer, but, even though I read and appreciate and thoroughly enjoy any and all comments left for me, I just can't keep up with replying back. :)


  3. I also read all my comments, I love them. I respond to comments in the comment section if someone asks a question, but sometimes I think I might miss a question!! I try to answer them all! Sometimes I will respond to a comment on their blog. I don't even know if people come back to see if I've answered a question, but I know if I ask a comment on someones blog, I try to go back to see if my question was answered!

  4. Anonymous5:55 AM

    I love comments too, but I don't respond to every one - just the ones that look like they're looking for a response. It's nice to hear that people read your stuff, and what they think.

    BTW, loved the shot of the horses through the piece of equipment!

  5. I also read and comment in my comment section. If I haven't heard from someone in awhile, I'll go to their blog to comment. I have really enjoyed the people who have sent me individual emails - that does make it seem so special. I love that you blogged about comments - something we all should do to see what our readers want!

  6. Yeah - for the record? Mindee ate six cinnamon rolls on Easter Sunday. Feel better?


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