In Her Blood

From sire to sire
It’s born in the blood
The fire of a mare
And the strength of a stud

I wish these were better pictures. I don't often get shots of Windy and Ginger side by side. Windy is a taller and leaner, but you can definitely see the resemblance to her mama. I can also see it in their faces. We'll never breed Ginger again and I doubt I'll ever breed Windy. When she is too old to haul me around, I'll be too old to want to ride a young horse.


  1. Very pretty girls. I like the little saying too.

  2. Great Horses! Nice place.

  3. Such pretty girls!! Beautiful pictures!

  4. I think Windy is an improvement of Ginger. She has a better neck-set and a better shoulder angle for sure. She is a very nice mare!

  5. Looks like they're enjoying themselves. I probably should get to the point I think I'm too old for young horses but it doesn't look like it's coming anytime soon. I probably should have my head examined. LOL

  6. Very pretty horses. I too have a collection of pretty horse photos. Some of these photos can be viewed on the site

  7. Ginger and Windy are both lovely mares. I am so often thinking about last year's fantastic Mother's Day trail ride. Thanks again for allowing my daughter and I to share the occasion with you. We truly appreciated your hospitality and horses. I hope this year is a great ride for you, as well.

    I love that saying. Where is it from?

  8. Oh, and being too old to ride a young one...I've committed myself, in two more years I'll be 53 and Yalla! will be ready to start.

  9. I once wrote an article for Horse News about older riders. I interviewed one guy who was 80-years-old and he barrel raced. Maybe we won't want to ride the young ones anymore, but we'll always ride, right?

  10. Lovely shots...showing the fire of a mare forsure!
    I love that Windy mare! She is sooo shiny!


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