Apr 24, 2010

A Morning Ride

My bedroom windows face the east. Usually I am up before the crack of dawn but I slept in today. I felt the room getting warmer as the sun was coming up and thought to myself that I am “burning daylight”. My dad used to say that whenever we were leaving for vacation. He always wanted to be up and on the road early. “Get up, girls, we’re burnin’ daylight!” We’d roll our eyes and wish he’d go away for another hour or two. But he was relentless.

It has been raining off and on all week and the sun was enticing. I had a cup of coffee while I checked my email, dressed & fetched my horse. We had a few “come to Jesus” moments over her desire to eat grass verses my plan to head on down the road. I won that round. So just shy of the two mile mark, I gave her a break and let her graze for a bit.

The 2 spots on the road up yonder were wild turkeys. Windy saw them first & we stopped & watched.

I just wore a windbreaker. My phone in one packet and my point & shoot camera in the other. Sunday Stills challenge is “barns” and I knew we would come across some, but wasn’t sure if they would be post worthy or not taken from the back of a fresh horse.

It was one of the quickest rides I’ve had in a while. We did a lot of trotting; finished up just under 8 miles in a little over 1-1/2 hours. I got a new GPS that I can upload to Garmin Connect. I am a geek with stuff like this and couldn’t wait to check it out.

The trees have really started to bloom this week. Remember some of the winter scenes? What a difference a few months make.


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  2. That was a fab ride, thoroughly enjoyed it! What was even better? Well the fact that I was still in my bed! While I was readin` it!

    If this carries on, I`ll give up ridin` for real and just read yours! Lol!

    (I cant give up riding, not really!)

    2:01 AM


I am so glad you stopped by and look forward to hearing from you! Do come again.