Apr 8, 2010

Nickers and Noses

It's true. Thirteen year old boys can drive their mother out of the house.... The horses provide refuge....

Got some nickers because the round bale is about toast. I slipped through the gate into the pen. Blue stood quietly in the middle of the dry lot (and it is pretty dry considering. ..) while I knelt down and picked up his back foot to inspect the wrap job I did a few days ago. As I started to remove the duct tape, I felt a lot of noses and horse breath in my hair and on my neck. Sweet nothings in my ear.

Note: To cure frustrations brought on by 13-year-old son, tear off 3-day-old duct tape & vet wrap with bare hands! I know, I should have changed it yesterday but it was drizzling & I was cold...

I looked closely at where the abscess had been oozing. It looked okay and I declared Blue "good to go." He thanked me and then motioned to the empty round bale feeder.

"I can't get you one of those, Big Boy, but I can get you some bales."

On the way through the barn, I glanced into the adjacent pen at the cows. I really do dislike having cows. How did we end up with five? It was suppose to be just two. We need to do something about this bovine over-population. I climbed the ladder to the hayloft and dropped down some alfalfa for the horses.

I wondered over to John's latest "find". Yes, the grain bin was neat, but this? The building that he moved here on Monday is not photoworthy yet. Not without some "after" pictures or at least an explanation to accompany it. I walked through "the-building- soon-to-be- a-tack-room". I didn't expect a staircase, but it's there. I guess if it is suppose to be 1-1/2 floors, there has to be a stairway. Right now there is no roof at the top of the stairs... so you have to use your imagination.

I mentioned to John that it needs "a lot of work" and he said "If I could just get an uninterrupted day over the weekend, I could get a lot done." Hmmm. That is just what I wanted to hear! I can UN-interrupt him all day. Heck, for several days! It's ride time!

Nickers, soft noses, the scent of a horse, barnyard sounds... all good for a mother's soul.


  1. Nickers and horse breath is good for the soul. It doesn't get a whole lot better until they go off to college,so hang in there and let the horses whisper sweet nothings to you when you need it.

    Can't wait to see the new find. I'll bet it's going to be great once your better half gets a few uninterrupted weekends under his tool belt.

  2. can't wait to see the new building - both now and as a finished tack room!

  3. Men dont have uninterupted weekends! But the softness of a horses muzzle can cure almost anything. Looking forward to seeing this new building.

  4. I have a solution for the cow problem: BBQ.

    Do you have a solution for 14 year old girl?

  5. Ohhh, I understand exactly where you're coming from. I'm not a mom, but I had a rough day, too. Horses are medicine, always.

  6. Had me some of that thar medicine too Tammy girl..even from a different horsey face, today.. just needed more whao than go... am tired from the week.
    Well, you hang in...glad that the releif can be found so greenly...not really PC here..but horses are very Green relief!
    New things...when?!


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