Apr 18, 2010

Sunday Stills ~ Potluck

Admittedly, I have been lax on my submissions to Sunday Stills. I try to keep my blog horse related and fit the theme of Sunday Stills into this horse life. While most of the time that works, this past winter sometimes the pieces just wouldn’t fit. With the snow, then the continuing cold temperatures and finally the mud from the big melt, I couldn’t get good horse pictures to save my soul. But we are almost there....

And now, here it is April. The snow is melted. The mud is gone. And am I out there riding? Not as much as I’d like to be. And it is making me extremely cranky! But winter was hard on our little farm and I try to spend at least a day a weekend on the clean-up process. Things are coming around.

So here are my contributions to today’s Sunday Stills. Certainly nothing to write home about, they are simply a "potluck" of scenes from the saddle.


  1. Wonderful scenes from the saddle!


  2. Beautiful shots of beautiful horses. I also liked the last few posts below.
    You obviously take great care of all your critters. Windy looks great for the show.

  3. Love your scenes from the saddle! Looking forward to seeing more as the weather improves for you!

  4. Still great shots, I see some green there..:-)

  5. Good photos!

    I noticed that you posted the Friday before Mother's Day trail ride. How I would love to go again this year but I am working full time now, at a fairly new job, so it's just not possible, darn it!

  6. I love the first shot. A great perspective of grazing and the trees.

  7. I like the perspective from the saddle!

  8. So the horse turned to the rider, and said, " Ok, made your mind up yet?"

  9. Any pictures from the saddle are good. It's fun just taking them. Like all the beautiful horses.

  10. Tammy, yummy potluck of shots there! You got your toes involved! tehehe!
    My favorite photos are the ones where Wa mare looks back like that...saying, " okay...we are stopping for?"...hoping for the answer of "treats!"
    Clean up will give way to clear sailing--er,um riding!


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