May 9, 2010

FBMDR 2010

It most definitely won’t go down in history as my favorite Friday Before Mother’s Day Ride. More aptly, the t-shirts probably should have read “I survived” this ride. And it had nothing to do with the ride itself but with Mother Nature and the Big Fat Lying Weatherman, who in this case really didn’t lie. There were showers overnight and we woke up to cloudy skies and gale force winds. Temps started out in the forties and may have hit the low 50's, but it sure didn't feel like it. I knew it was predicted, but for some reason, I had figured spring winds would be warm – not cut-you-like-a-knife-bone-chilling winds with 45 mile an hour punches.

I dressed in many light weight layers, careful not to look like the boy from the Christmas Story: a long & short sleeve tee, poly vest, wind shirt and a windbreaker. Before the ride, I added a hooded sweatshirt to the mix. I rode in my winter fleece breeches, gloves and half chaps. And wished I had packed a thermos of LaRue coffee rather than the unnecessary water bottle. I thought about slipping a blanket on Windy for the haul over. I got a few calls and emails asking if the ride was still on. With a caterer planning meals for 100 people, yes, the ride would still go on.

I found my friends at the trail head bundled up like me. But despite the winds, no one’s enthusiasm was dampened. Everyone who braved the weather was looking forward to the ride. Many of those who showed up were friends. Had the ride been sponsored by someone they didn’t know, they probably would have turned off the alarm and stayed in bed. But they came because they said they would and smiled through gritted teeth, no doubt! And I love them for it. And those whom I didn’t know, who still made the ride – thank you very much for coming. I certainly would have been easier to pull those covers over your head.

The day wasn’t without challenges. Some tried to make it and got their rigs stuck in the mud. One rider had an unfortunate collision with her horse, bandaged herself up and rode anyway – bless her heart. I’m sure there are other stories I haven’t heard about yet; not funny as they are happening but make for good campfire stories after the thrill is gone.

Mother Nature had one more try at us as we neared the end of the ride. (Did I piss her off or what?) A tree along the trail creaked as we rode by. A moment later, I heard the person behind me yell “Run!” We didn’t have to ask our horses, they were already in flight; a weird kind of run where they were galloping off but still looking behind at the dead tree falling down onto the trail where we had just passed. Now THAT was a first!

We had seventy-one riders and 6 outriders, a little over half of the number who usually comes to this ride. A true testament to their friendship, love of riding or just plain foolishness! Whatever the reason, I was glad they were there to share this rather nasty, but incredible day with me.


  1. It sounds really good fun, would loved to have been there. BTW, it doesnt look too cold!

  2. Coming back, we actually said we weren't quite as cold. The wind was to our backs and I momentarily thought about taking off my gloves. But the wind, if nothing else, was so annoying. It just wore you out....

  3. Too bad Mother Nature didn't cooperate but at least you had a fairly nice time with the riding gang. Glad nobody got hurt with the falling tree! Happy Mother's Day.

  4. Awww, I'm sorry it was such nasty weather and boy, that falling branch sounds scary!! Still, I'm sure everyone had a great time!

    Last year was absolutely perfect weather, warm but not too hot. It was so much fun!!!

  5. That does sound like fun, but I think I'd have to add some Kahlua or Bailey's to that coffee.

  6. I know! What is up with this weather?! The whole earth is getting crazy weather. Think about it. It actually started with that tsunami a few years ago and then ever since, it's been one thing after another. Here, we've been having wind like it's Oklahoma. I even got scared the other day because it was blowing so hard.

    I love that little town in your top picture. So cute.

  7. Brrr! Everyone looks so bundled up and cold! lol! But there were lots of smiling faces, so everyone must have a hada great time. Maybe someday I'll be able to get out there for a ride with y'all.

    I hear with this crazy wind. It does take a lot of you. I know how the horses must feel. Makes me feel wary, weary and just tired.

    This crazy weather all over the world is all realted to Global Warming. Most people believe that Global Warming is supposed to just make us all feel warm, but the warming is done in such small increments that we humans don't feel it, but our planet does....and it disrupts all of the natural systems that we rely on to make our lives 'normal'.

    It will just get worse over the next decade and century.


  8. Lisa, that's what I was thinking about all this crazy weather--it's global warming! Isn't it obvious? I think it started with that tsunami a few years ago. Remember that? Ever since then, it's been one crazy weather thing after another--tornadoes, too many earthquakes to count, hurricanes, floods, droughts, terrible winters... Of course it's global warming. Now what kind of affect is this oil spill going to have on the environment? It's getting scary.

  9. WHOA....a tree fell in the forest and you all heard it! I am so glad that you all did not feel it!
    It sounds funny6 now, and did NOT look bad from the blue skies but,you survived it and so did...did you say 70 riders..WOW! That is cool! Some day I will have a horse that can fathom riding in groups!


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