May 4, 2010

Little Time

It's seems I have been going 100 mph lately. My house is a mess, my hair needs cut and we won't even talk about the laundry! But it's not like I've been doing nothing.... I've been riding! And camping! More on that another time.

Last night, John and Case even saddled up with me so we could move the stupid cows to another pasture. I'm still cursing myself for not putting my camera in my pocket. I love seeing the guys riding and it doesn't happen often enough!

This week is the Friday Before Mother's Day Ride. I have a lot of things to do to pull that off yet, so blogging probably won't make the short list.

In the meantime, I'll share pictures of the horses that I rode with this past weekend.

Sully is an appy/paint & belongs to my friend, Jan.

Julie's mare, Tiki, is a pretty red roan welsh/quarter cross.

Rocky is Joni's daughter's former AQHA show horse extraordinaire, turned trail horse.

Annette's Mister Man is a haflinger cross. Look at that pretty head!

Coda is a paint/mustang cross from the wild horse sanctuary in S Dakota who belongs to my friend, Robyn. And Sheila's Jake is a horse of a different color, albeit all quarter horse.

And finally, Jessica's, Babe: a pretty Morgan mare.


  1. Beautiful horses. Glad you've been getting in some ride time. Have fun on your Mother's Day ride.

  2. Anonymous6:30 PM

    Wow - that's a lot of beautiful horses!

  3. Such pretty horses! Can't wait to hear about your riding and camping trips!

  4. A really lovely group of equines! Thanks for the pics, enjoy seeing others horses!

  5. I love looking at the different breeds, but aren't paint/pintos so much fun to look at?


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