May 28, 2010

Spa Day ~ A Pictorial

I truly plan to get somewhere this long weekend and ride. Since we have a list a mile long of things to get done at home, we'll split the weekend: part work, part play. You may think what I did this afternoon was horseplay, but no - it definitely falls under the "work" category. Bathing five horses is hard work and 3.75 hours of my life I won't get back.

Windy didn't get a bath at Expo this year so even though she may look good all shed out, she still felt grimy. I longed to feel Show Sheen in her mane. Windy doesn't mind baths, but stay away from the ears! And she is reminding me of that in no uncertain terms.

Windy is blessed with a soft, thick and long tail which I know I've shown you all 101 times. The wind was blowing softly and I could not get a good shot of it today.

Doesn't Ginger look like she is saying "ahhhhh." I was so embarrassed when Tanya (a hair stylist of all things!) rode her last week and her mane had dreadlocks forming! It took quite a bit of combing before I bathed her today to work those out.

But wow! Can you tell where Windy gets her pretty tail from? Mama sure isn't lacking in the tail department. It does touch the ground. And the texture is so soft. Tanya told me she could color my hair like this. I'm tempted...

I forgot to get a bathing picture of Butter. And she was not going to wake up from her nap for me to get a good "drying off" shot of her. So this is the best we have.

Butter's mane and tail are a lot like Ginger's texture wise and has the prettiest colors running through it. I think red duns are stunning, but what I don't like is they don't shine. Butter's coat is a lot more coarse than our quarter horses of other colors.

I absolutely cannot remember the last time I gave Baby a bath. I question now if she ever has had a complete body bath. Her mane is very coarse. It was rubbed out in several places so I trimmed it before I started her bath.

Unlike her mane, her tail is a lot softer; once again, more the texture of Ginger's and almost touches the ground. I let the horses out in the grassy arena after they were pretty dry and Baby was the only one who rolled. Luckily, it wasn' in poop. Yet.

The water on Blue makes him look blue! And look at the reflections. Blue has always liked water. Baths, creeks... he is the only horse we have that will actually swim. It's no surprise that he seemed to enjoy the bath most of all.

He, too, has a thick tail and unlike the mares', his is wavey. Is there anything prettier than a shine on a black horse? Not jet black, Blue will stay this black for another week or so and then begin to fade in the sun. When he grows his winter coat, he will return to black again in the fall.

Someone on Horsetales asked me what I use for product. Today, I used Mane & Tail shampoo and conditioner. I am not loyal to any particular brand; heck, I've used Suave before. But I am picky about the finisher. I love, love love Show Sheen. I've tried the others and always come back to Show Sheen.

Clean horses. Check

Now it's time to ride.


  1. That's on our list for today. Jamboree is all shedded out but you're right - she just doesn't feel clean. Plus, I'm sure I'll find a horror show in her teats!

    Your herd looks gorgeous! If you ever want to ride Pioneer's Park, let me know. Our stable has park access and I'd love to meet up with you. I'll bet Windy would love the golf course. :)

  2. Gorgeous! They all seem to glow from within...and they all have big 'ol booties! Apache's butt still seems petite to me. She's much bigger in the front than the back.

    I've yet to bathe Apache, though she is almost shed out. We just had a cold spell the other day, so I like to wait until the middle of June just to be sure no more cold weather shows up here.

    I did spend over and hour shearing my angora goat yesterday, though. Her wool was long and matted and full of VM, like hay and little sticks. It was so long that she was getting her hooves stuck in it when she ran around or laid down.

    While I hand shearing her with my scissors, she was so happy and comfortable and seemed to know that I was helping her that she was licking and kissing me. awww!
    Afterwards, when I put her back in the paddock she was dancing around on her hind legs and playing with the other goats. She normally doesn't do that, because her wool is so heavy and long.
    Seeing that was all the thanks I needed for my hard work :)


  3. Hey Tammy, I don't have your e-mail handy. Do you know anyone out your way who would like an Australian Shepherd puppy? Because they're happiest out in the country. I've got her pics up on my blog.


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