Sunday Stills ~ Wildflowers

This week's Sunday Stills challenge is wildflowers.

I returned Friday afternoon from a quick trip to Portland. Finally, our skies have cleared and we had sunny weather. Shortly after I got home, I headed to the pasture to check on the herd and almost as an afterthought, grabbed my camera.

I caught the above picture of Ginger as I was making my way back to the house, the horses had run off ahead. The sun was behind her so I was surprised it turned out at all. The "wildflowers" in the picture are what we call "mustard grass", growing in the alfalfa field.


  1. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Wonderful photo. Also love your header. Great job.

  2. fantastic horsey shot!

  3. Beautiful! Perfect shot.

  4. Ginger, what a great horse. Contentment?

  5. Well done..:-)

  6. Anonymous4:23 AM

    perfect photograph, really good composition & exposure

  7. What a beautiful, serene photo!

  8. That photo is gorgeous!



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