Jun 16, 2010

The Belgian & The St. Bernard

So we go out to catch the horses for an evening ride. They see us coming and start to mosey their way across the pasture. They were on to us. Baby, being that she never gets picked to go riding, didn't join the herd & walked up to us as if to say "whatchya doin'?" So John decides rather than walk across the pasture to get the "real" rides, he would hop on Baby bareback and "round 'em up". Bo, the St. Bernard must have been willing to help. Nothing like the gentle giants of the equine and canine world to head 'em out and bring 'em in!

Heading west. Wrong direction!

I think he made a big circle and is back where he started from. He's regrouping now. I'm not sure what he is doing with the reins. And it doesn't appear the herd is taking him very seriously. Ah, but here comes Ritz off to the right. He'll show 'em how its done. (Note: at any time I could walk right up to Windy or Blue and put a halter on them. But noooo, he is on a mission!)

And they're off! You watch 'em, Bo! Don't let them come this direction again.

And finally, heading to the barn.

We have a way with turning even the simpliest of tasks into an adventure.


  1. They sure did see you coming;)

  2. It's always nice to have help! At least it looked like fun.

  3. p.s. your header picture is just beautiful

  4. Your header is just DREAMY!!!
    Looked like fun to me!

  5. You had my laughing out loud. That sure is what happens.

    What IS he doing with the reins?

  6. Horses dont change! Its always the same, "Lets see if the Human can run?".....

  7. Looks like fun to me. That's what it's about, I think. LOL

  8. Marvelous! Loved seeing/reading this post!




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