Jun 4, 2010

Q & A Anyone?

Trying, trying, trying to find something interesting to blog about but it just goes to show that things have been pretty uninteresting around here lately. School is out and we are slowly getting settled into a new routine, or lack of one, it seems. I have, however, been searching in vain for that money tree my kids seem to think I have growing wild around here!

When it's not storming, I've been enjoying the quiet warm evenings and walking down to the pasture to check on the herd. Last year, I was riding a lot more in the evenings. I need to get back into that routine before the July heat gets here. The rains have kept everything so green. It's been a picture perfect spring... or maybe we just appreciate it more after the winter we just had.

Baby seemed to be off the other night. I suspected an abscess and soaked the big girl's foot and stabled her overnight. By the next day, had you not known she was off, you couldn't have seen it, so I concluded she must have just twisted something and was a bit sore. Blue, however, ended up with a full-blown abscess and I had to have the vet out last week to open it up. Poor guy.

Last weekend, John and I camped overnight at Camp Moses Merrill with my girl friends. Poor guy - always the odd man out when it comes to horse people, it seems. I was reading in Horse & Rider Magazine that a recent survey suggests that almost 90% of horse enthusiasts are women. That's no surprise to me, really, as it is certainly evident among my circle of friends. However, I would venture to say that those cowboys who rope & rodeo are not necessarily survey takers and the percentage of male participants in those venues would be higher.

The video above was taken at Camp Moses as we came down the hill we refer to as "The Boomerang" because of it's twist. I was disappointed that this didn't really capture it's steepness - it may have been more impressive if I was shooting from the bottom, up.

To break this "bloggers block", Mindee over at Our Front Door suggested I should do a Q & A blog. You ask questions in the comments & I answer them on the next blog. So, Mindee, you had better ask a question that requires me to write an essay just in case no one else asks anything! :) I do have a fairly busy horse weekend planned, so if nothing else, I hope to have new stories to share.

So, what do you want to know about me or my horse life that I haven't already blogged about or that maybe I have?


  1. I`d like to say that, its just nice to find out about you, as we go down the trail! No rush.

  2. 1) What is the biggest mistake you made as a newbie horse owner?

    2) Other than brushes, picks, saddle and bridle, what are the top 3 most essential pieces of equipment?

    3) Have you used a trainer? If not, how have you learned new skills?

    4) Are all your horses shoed? Why or why not?

    5) Favorite trail? Locally? Anywhere? Least favorite?

    6) Best trails for beginners?

    7) Did you ride at all as a kid? Did you want to?

    8) Do you do any conditioning to make you a better rider?

    9) If you could never ride again, where would you turn your passions?

    10) What are areas where you can cut costs with the horses? Where should you never cut costs?

    Will that do for a start? ;)

  3. I think Mindee has your Q & A covered. Good questions!

  4. Oh, I so agree with Val, Mindee has done a good job of covering lots of "Question grounds"!
    I loved your post of the ride...I know that Head toss Windy was doing..."I am wanting to go faster and get to the bottom of this!" Wa hates hills...she thinks fast will make it over with..and she is right..but the control is over with too!


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