Jun 21, 2010

The Rain

Over five inches in 24 hours;
over 10 inches in 7
or 10 days...
I don't know...
I've lost count.
We've had just about enough now.....
thank you very much.


  1. Wow!!!!!! I thought we got it bad! Sorry, we`re not in that league. Hope all goes well.

  2. We're scrambling to find a place for 4-H ring practice. I'm sure it's the same story for chapters all over the area.

  3. Send some to WV -- it's way too dry here. Hope it stops for you soon!

  4. Woooheee!

    And we've had no rain at all since last summer. We're dry and hot and all the plants are dying.

    Seems like it's all or nothing this year.



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