Jun 1, 2010

Storm & Flowers

John called as I was driving home and said I may want to turn around and head the other direction. The ominous clouds I’d been watching in the sky were producing golfball-sized hail at home and if I kept going that direction, I’d drive right into it. Cussing once again the decision to have a $1,000 deductible on my Durango, I flipped a U-turn and headed toward the clearer skies via gravel roads.

As I watched the sky, the outside temperature dropped from 91 degrees to 67 degrees in less than 5 minutes. I was now heading west and the north wind was pounding against me. I stopped to take these cell phone pictures, but was most anxious to get home. Eventually, the wind blew the storm in my direction and although I didn’t get hit with much hail, the strong rains quickly saturated the gravel roads. I put the Durango in 4WD just to get me to the next town. There, I pulled off and waited it out. Later, the rain gauge at home would measure 1.5".

When we moved here seventeen years ago, my mom and her sister - my Aunt Dorothea and Uncle Bud - would bring me starts to some of the plants from their own yard. These peonies were from Dorothea and Bud’s garden. We have transplanted them a few times as they just weren’t taking off like we had hoped. This year, five years after Mom died and even longer since both Dorothea and Bud passed, they finally bloomed brilliantly. Just two days ago I was out taking pictures of the magnificent flowers and cut a few to bring inside. Smelling the fresh scent, I remembered all the peony bushes every yard seemed to have when we were growing up; making for pretty bouquets to take to the cemetery on Memorial Day.

I’m glad I have the pictures, because the hail tonight pelted the blooms right off the plant.

To keep this horse related, the good news is, we got our alfalfa field baled late yesterday afternoon! Whew, that was close!


  1. Those clouds are really scary looking!! We've been having so much rain, I have never seen this much rain for this time of year. Our creek is overflowing and the horse pasture's are back to nasty mud again!!
    Your flowers are beautiful!

  2. Hi! They are some bad looking clouds! They are talking about drought restrictions here!!!!!! The utilities companies are complaining that the local reservoirs are only 60% full. Even after the worst winter for around 40 years, we still need rain.
    Seems theres a general shift in the earths weather these days. But we still dont have any hay/etc to cut yet! God help us.
    Loved the Peonies, always a good sign of summer.

  3. Stunning picture of the flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.

  4. Those are some storm clouds! We transplanted some peonies from the front of the house where they were in complete shade to the pond area out back and they are coming along pretty good but still not producing any flowers. We also did get some hay in that was some great hay and the horses loved it! I am just now getting them used to green pastures.

  5. The Mr. and I got caught in that storm on the way home from work. I may have wanted to cry....

  6. That WAS close. We waited it out in a parking garage downtown. The parking fee was MUCH cheaper than our deductible.

  7. I do miss peonies and the irises. My grandmother Nispel had a huge peony bed that she doted on. Actually I was convinced she loved those flowers more than she did me! We have Louisiana iris here and they can be stunning but not quite as huge.

  8. At first the photos totally reminded me of "Twister" the movie..but you were running from!
    Man, those would have done the $ damages...glad you got away and also that they hay did too!


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