Jul 22, 2010


I am having flashbacks of winter.

You remember; the cold, the wind chills,

The snow that would never go away.

My depression.

Only this time, it is the heat, the humidity, the stagnant air.

Looking for relief when the sun sets

And finding none.

The bugs are what you would imagine in Jurassic Park.

My bra sticks to me just going to the car.

One week ago we returned from Wyoming

on the hottest day of the year.

And it hasn't let up.

Wyoming was paradise.

Any place without humidity is paradise.

Heck, North Platte was paradise!

Eastern Nebraska is hell.


  1. Not having any knowledge of your State! I`ll take your word for it. I do understand what you say about WY. been there!.....Long time ago.

  2. At least you're not walking 10 miles through 7 foot corn . . . :)

  3. You are not alone in your suffering! It's the same in my part of Canada. I find sitting in air conditioning with a vodka soda helps. ;-)

  4. We have no humidity here, but each day is spent wondering...will it pour rain with thunder and lightning? It's been hot with flies, too. But the monsoon season can be maddening. Seems I am always considering saddling up for a ride when huge clouds start to move in and the sky dumps water on my plans.

    Soon it will be winter again. Are the only good seasons only spring and summer now?



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