Jul 21, 2010

From Play to Work

Oh, boy. The transition from vacation hours to work hours has been a tough one. I've always been an early riser, but being I had nowhere to go once we returned from Wyoming, I gave into the temptation of pulling the covers over my head and getting another few minutes (or an hour) of sleep. And while 'before vacation', I could almost stay awake until 11:00 PM, 'during vacation' found me up past midnight some nights. I'm also given the task of setting the alarm at 4:00 AM to get McCain up for his detasseling job and provide the cheerleading necessary to encourage him to continue this horrible job another day. It will be over in a week or so and the pay is good. Let me tell you, it takes all the strength I have to rattle off that motivational speech at o-dark-hundred when my own eyes are barely open and my last hour of sleep is compromised. And I rarely get much shut eye then before my alarm sounds at 5:00 AM.

While digging in my purse to find my work assigned Blackberry, which didn't prove too useful in the mountains of WY, I found a box of Walgreen's "Stay Awake" caffeine tablets which I bought for our trip out west. John and I both, on occasion, have fought "white line fever" while driving down the interstate and I thought a burst of caffeine might be helpful. As it turned out, we didn't need it for the trip. I may still find it useful getting back into the swing of driving in to work and hours of catching up on emails and other documentation.

My horses have been turned out to pasture literally since they were unloaded from our trip a week ago. It's been too hot and humid to ride. My tack is strung out between the garage and the barn, hastily unloaded when I sold my trailer. While in transition to a new trailer, I am going to take the opportunity to sort what I use the most and what I haven't used in years. The latter being boxed up to sell. Some friends and I are thinking a tack sale/swap day might be in order. Seems we all have a lot of excess tack.

Hump day today. Normally looking forward to joining the Platte River Riders for the Wednesday rides, but it's raining this morning. Even if the sun comes out, the thought of riding in what has been ungodly humid weather does not appeal to me. I may just pull the covers back over my head once again.


  1. Anonymous6:07 PM

    beautiful photograph

  2. It is so hard to transition from vacation back to work. I have such a hard time with that. When I am working 18 hour days and only 4 hours of sleep at horse shows, once I am given a day or two off after, I end up sleeping for 14 hours straight. I am just so worn out.
    We are finally getting some decent summer weather, so it is now our time to finally hit the trails and get some serious riding in. Hopefully it stays that way!
    Hope you get some relief from the heat!

  3. I have a really c**p job! But heres the thing, I get great time off! The moneys poor, and the work is boring, but my choice!
    However, for the first time in my life, I didnt want to go back to work at all I do know how you feel.

    I have just completed 3 weeks leave, and went back on Monday past. During the 3 weeks off, I had the greatest time, riding, nothing but riding and being with my horses! It was just such a rush this time. I dont know where the time went! Even my poor wife didnt see much of me!......But I had the best time with my mare.It was a dream.

  4. Getting back to work after a vacation is the worst!!! Good luck!

  5. I don't blame you,I'd pull the covers over my head too if I could. This weather stinks and coming home from vacation is always a downer.


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