Jul 26, 2010

Nothing Like a Good Thing

(Wow! My 300th post!)

Friday started out ghastly hot! I guess I have selective memory when it comes to summers in Nebraska. I seem to recall dreaming of summertime a few months ago when we were buried under three feet of snow. Although the humidity is typical for July in Nebraska, the last couple of summers have been rather mild and we are a bit spoiled. We did finally get a short break from the high heat indexes on Saturday and part of Sunday and I managed to get a few rides in on Windy as well as a friend's gaited horse.

With regards to gaited horses, I have heard so much about "ride the glide." And like those mule people before them have said about their breed, the gaited horse owners also say "once you go gaited, you won't go back". Although I have ridden one or two gaited horses for a short period of time, this was the first time I rode one for any distance. After all the hype, I was half expecting the clouds to open up and angels appear singing hallelujahs when the horse moved into her gait. We covered ground quickly and easily. Admittedly, the ride was smooth and I didn't have to change my body position while going through the different gaits. It was kind of like driving an automatic when you are used to a stick shift.

I never "saw the light", so to speak, nor did I come home and stick a "for sale" sign on the heads of my stock horses. I like my quarter horses. I enjoy the walk, trot and canter. Whether sitting the trot or posting, I like the challenge of syncing up with the horse; matching her gait, whatever that might be. There may certainly come a time in my life, for whatever reason, I might consider a gaited horse. But for now, I love the rush I get galloping across the field or down the road on my mare. That is my horse of choice.


  1. TWH, a friend has one, when I watch it walk normally, it reminds me of a camel.
    In the gaited walk, it does look good(ish) But for me, as you, give me a shift stick every time!

  2. Oh that beautiful Windy mare!
    Me too...I like to ride WITH gaited horses ...not on gaited horses...want to know why? Because I can transition alot...into other gaits...keeping up!

  3. A couple years ago I got to ride a TWH on a few trail rides. Yes it was lots of fun and very smooth. But I also would not give up my horses for one. Maybe in 20 years when my back finally says "no more"!
    They are lovely horses though, and I would definitely consider one in the future!

  4. I'm glad you did this post. I have it on my To Do List to ride a gaited horse some day. While trail riding my Arab, I was passed by a couple of ladies on gaited horses, and realized that with the ground they were covering, their ride was going to be over a lot sooner than mine. I was out there to enjoy nature and wanted to drag out the experience as long as possible. I know gaited horses can mosey along too, but I was truly surprised by the speed of their gaited walk. I'm thinking I might get a gaited horse if I ever start having back problems again.


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