Jul 18, 2010

Sweet Memories

I’m kind of sad today.
I let eight years of memories go down the road.
I sold my horse trailer.

Okay, so if you are not a horse person,
I am sure you don’t get it.
But to a horse person, this is major stuff.

I can’t remember if I bought it in 2001 or 2002.
Doesn’t matter.
It was after our first season of horse camping
– specifically tent camping –
and I knew THAT was not the way to travel.

I didn’t think we could afford anything more than our stock trailer,
but seeing that this horse thing was a family thing,
I made it work.
We felt so uptown to get the new trailer.
Beds for everyone.
A refrigerator and shower! Hot water!
I learned to pull it the next year
and it opened the door to many adventures.

With Mom’s portable Singer sewing machine,
for the first time since high school Home-Ec class,
I sewed!
Mrs. Harringer would have been proud!
Who’d of thought I could make cushions and pillows!

From its window I saw a lone buffalo walk through camp
while in the Black Hills
and I saw the seasons change in the Ozarks.
And the sagebrush and mountain views of Wyoming.

That trailer took us to participate in parades.
And seven Cowgirl Weekends.
It was filled with Mom's belongings after she died.

As the boys got older and grew out of the twin bed they shared
We set up cots in the back for their home away from home.

When I wanted to escape from the noise of the house,
I would sneak out to that trailer
and lay down on the bed, wallowing in the silence.

Case would hide in the trailer when angry;
the dogs giving him away by guarding its door.

That trailer took my horse to three competitive trail rides in three different states.
It carried Gunner from the pasture when he was too hurt to walk.
It brought Windy home.

It packed a family
Two kids
Four horses
A couple of dogs
Filled with food and hay
And came home with memories.

Yesterday, that trailer went down the road with its new owners.
I hope they make as good of memories as we did.

I know its silly to be so sentimental over a trailer.

The boys have lost interest.

It’s time to find a smaller trailer

that we can pull with a smaller truck.

Girl sized.

Just for me.


  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    I'm at the same point - I need to downsize. My trailer is special too - there's the time Dawn put her head through the window on my first haul with the 4-horse - in downtown Milwaukee! And we did 1,000 mile hauls each way to CO two summers in a row for Mark Rashid clinics. It's a great trailer, but just too big.

  2. Awwwww, it's not just a trailer...it's memories on wheels.
    The photos were wonderful. I love the one with the boys camped out in the back. Precious.

    You took good care of that trailer. It was beautiful. And you priced it very fair and competitively. Those folks got a good deal. This is why I will only buy a used trailer instead of brand new. When we bought our pop-up, it was already 5 years old, but the people who owned it had only used it 3 times. It was vitually brand new. We've had lots of memories in that camper, too.

    I am wanting a larger horse trailer, maybe 3-horse, with a LQ or large tack room so we can attend Competitive Trail rides and go horse camping. I hope I find a trailer as nice as yours and as good a price, too.

    Good luck with your new trailer search.


  3. I know how you feel. The trailer I have now, isnt the patch on my previous one! yet its the same make and model, same colour too!
    But it isnt right! Dont know why?

    The one before, went all the way. It wasnt particularly smart, but what I got upto.Lol!
    On one really bad night, the wind was howling, and the rain! OMG the rain!
    me and the horse slept in the trailer together, baring in mind that our British trailers are some what smaller than yours. It was fun, she (the Horse) snored all night, and she slept standing up!
    Even when she passed wind! Then of course, the poo`s UGH! But I was warm and dry. The next day, although, i hadnt slept too well, we made the grade! We did a really good 60 miles!! I couldnt believe we did it! It was our first attempt, and we did it!

    So, when it comes to what happens in a trailer? All the memories? I`m with you on this one kid!

  4. yes, now find something just for you. I was never sad when I sold the trailers. I guess I knew that the kids were moving on, but then they were leaving home and not able to ride as much. I sold the 6 horse and bought the 4H, for Tom and I, and "if" the kids came home to ride with us, so I would have room. That never happened. I missed the mid tack and extra storage of the 6H. I realized I needed a shower and toiler! lol So I sold that trailer and got the 3H. and I'm so glad I did. As you know, I'm trailering alone, but I love that the 3rd horse can be storage for larger coolers, and extra water, and "stuff". Muck bucket, muck forks, etc. I know you want your family to go to, and I want Tom to go. He hasn't yet, except Ft Rob, what? 2 years ago? So get what you will enjoy, and when the family can go along, they will. then it will be better because they will want to go along.

  5. I can understand completely. That was one great trailer. I think we become attached to the memories associated with our possessions. You may not have the trailer anymore, but you still have the memories. Hope you find a fabulous new trailer that is everything you want it to be.

  6. That was a gorgeous trailer! I'm sure you're going to miss it.

  7. Oh Tammy, what a heavenly place that trailer was...I am sure it is difficult!
    It really was too cool! I bet you'll trick out the next one..but maybe not be able to sleep in it ,unless you do what I do- and make a camping unit out of it!

  8. That would be hard to part with all the memories. I need to upsize, now that I have 3 horses and we haul my sister's horse everywhere for her, and once I start to ride my filly I will need a bigger trailer. I would like a 4 horse gooseneck, and would love to have living quarters, but probably won't be able to afford that.
    Can't wait to see your new trailer!


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