Jul 5, 2010

Trail Challenge & Scavenger Hunt

For the last (almost) ten years, I have been active with the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee of the Nebraska Horse Council. Simply put, this committee is dedicated to saving horse trails in our state. With less than 5% public land and even less that is available to horse trail riding, our trails are precious.

In the past, some of our projects have included clearing the horse trail from Valparaiso to Brainard and providing a donation toward the trailhead restroom. We have donated corrals to the horse camp at Rock Creek Station and Indian Cave and soon to be Branched Oak. We have donated funds to the Natick Camp at Halsey and cleared and cleaned up miles of trail at various other locations in Nebraska. A small but mighty group of horse trail riders just trying to give back.

With government budget cuts, sometimes there is not enough funds to go around for all trail users. Fundraising efforts of the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee can many times make just the difference in adding new trails or improving horse camps.

This year, the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee will be doing something a little different. Let's get out on the trail and have a little fun! A Trail Challenge & Scavenger Hunt will be held at Branched Oak Lake on Sept. 11, beginning at 1:00 PM.

It’s not a race or an endurance ride. It’s not a competitive trail ride. What is it then? Consider it just another trail ride with your buddies who have also entered the competition. You will be periodically approached by a judge and asked to proceed through natural trail obstacles, most likely things that you would or could encounter on a leisurely trail ride. Riders will be judged on each obstacle and on their success with the natural scavenger hunt. Surprise prizes, too! There is more than one way to win! A beginner friendly ride & fun for the whole family.

The ride is limited to the first 50 registered riders, so get your registration in early! Click here for registration information & your entry form. Please consider joining me and the Trails Committee for this fun event & helping to support our trails.


I am so glad you stopped by and look forward to hearing from you! Do come again.