Jul 15, 2010

Wyoming 2010

The long awaited horse vacation to Wyoming is here and gone. What's the saying? "Take only pictures, leave only footprints." That we did. Plus a lost EZ boot minus the gator.

In true Vasa fashion, we had truck issues on the way out. John thought there was a problem with the differential, but ended up, we were just overloaded. We drained some water and got back on the road. Later, after lunch in North Platte, the truck decided to not start at all. After a four hour delay, John somehow bypassed the starter. We had a choice of finding a Chevy garage or heading on down the road. We opted for the latter and pulled into camp around 7:00 PM.

It's strange to go somewhere you haven't been before. We were most anxious to hit the trails, but the first day found us wondering around aimlessly. I lost that aforementioned EZ boot in the first hour or so. Torn right from the gator when we got into some mud crossing a meadow. The warranty is worthless because I don't have the lost boot. Although they seemed to protect Windy's unshod back hooves, I am very disappointed they could that easily rip away. I was worried about losing them, not destroying them! Oh, well. Back at camp, I have to say we were all disappointed in our ride. We just weren't seeing the good stuff. But that soon ended.

That evening we drove across the road to another area that looked promising. We talked with some other horse campers and found out where they ride. And headed there on horses the next morning. We started out on a trail marked with orange ribbon that soon found us hanging on the steep side of a mountain! We backtracked to another trail head and here we found the kinds of trails we drove 8 hours to ride! Beautiful tree-lined trails taking us up to the summit with spectacular views along the way. We even saw a moose!

Now that we got our trail riding groove back, we explored the first area once again the next day and went deeper into the forest and up on the rocks. We kept it fairly easy that day as the horses had been putting in some long hours. Once again, we had some beautiful views and a day of riding entirely different from the previous rides. And did I mention beautiful?

Our next venture was over to Vedauwoo, specifically Devil's Playground. Again, something different but awesome in it's own way. We watched in awe at rock climbers hanging on the side of the mountain. And the skies were so blue.

Unfortunately, we had to cut our vacation short. The truck was not handling the mountains well and was overheating, not to mention that pesky starter problem. John's decision to try to quit smoking while in the mountains was taking its toll on all of us. Family vacations aren't all they're cracked up to be, especially when only one of us is passionate about the ride. I do give Case credit - for not having another kid around to hang with, he did pretty well. I enjoy watching him ride and hope he will remember Wyoming fondly. Me? I'll be back. To do it again and more.

Pictures say so much more than words. Here are a few of my favorites.


  1. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Thanks for all the beautiful photos!

    Truck problems stink - mine's been pretty reliable on long hauls, for which I'm very grateful.

  2. Now that is horse country. Gorgeous. I'll bet it snows a lot in the winter, though.

  3. "Boody hell!" Thats fantastic!...I would love to ride that type of terrain. I am green!

  4. With pictures that great, in a few years the unpleasant memories will fad and all you'll remember are the good parts!

  5. that looks SOOOO nice right now (it's 115 here) I wish I was there!!

  6. Great pictures of the country out there. Beautiful skies.

  7. I hope you were able to enjoy some of the time. Once you were on horseback, I'm sure it was wonderful! I guess leave everyone at home and hit the trails. You will have fun, and just ride around home with the family. I'm glad the kids rode, but only Sara has stayed horsey after they have gotten out of school.

  8. Sorry it ended early but it must have been wonderful to ride where you did. The altitude may have been giving you problems too. I so want to see a moose!

    Maybe next time I will join you- once I get my horses in condition and properly trailer trained, and can get time off from work.

    Those are amazing photos! Especially of Case and the rocks- jumping into the saddle even!

  9. Wyoming is such beautiful country! I love it there, and would move there in a heartbeat if I could!
    The scenery is to die for, and that is so cool you saw a Moose! I almost hit a Moose driving through South Dakota once, or maybe I was in Wyoming? Can't remember. But I won't ever forget that huge animal jumping out right in front of me!
    Sorry you had to cut your trip short, I totally understand the truck problems, had that happen a couple horse shows ago! It isn't any fun at all!

  10. Wow! Gorgeous country, and it sounds as if you'll have stories to remember and tell for years to come. Better the truck issues than horse-wrecks or illness ;-)

  11. Gorgeous photos and some great memories. Reminds me of the mountains I went riding in July 4the weekend. Saw some Elk, but no Moose, though. lol!

    Ooh! I would love to join you there someday! Of course, come to New Mexico for trails much like the ones you rode in Wyoming.

    Did Chase really jump off that rock onto Butter's(?) back?


  12. Anonymous3:22 PM

    If you ever want a longer drive, we backpack all the time in the Bighorns, starting out from the Battlepark trailhead. It looks to be a very popular trailhead for horse groups (although the road to get to it it is not always in the best shape). My favorite place to be! We also spend time in the Snowy Mountains, where you were. We rent a cabin through the U.S. Forest Service. They are inexpensive, and many have accommodations for horses. Then you don't need your living quarters.

  13. WOW...seeing these fantastic times...I am shocked that you sold the trailer now..how could anyone loose interest in such spectacular times! Sorry it started so rough.

    I hate hoof boots...investing in one more set...CAVALLOS Endurance..they have no wires, and have a hook closure..no Velcro to bust!The EB always ripped right off my mare!
    I just posted about my Easywalker shoes = it is on the sidebar now too. I love them!

    The photo of the leaping drop mount..made me cringe!Pretty darned nice horse to allow that!


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