Aug 20, 2010

Redneck Office

Okay, so I'm sitting here at the table in my horse trailer with my lap top and the A/C running; drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade. Camping, you ask? No. My horse trailer is sitting back by my barn. I hear echoes of "you might be a redneck if…." But hey, my horse trailer is a lot nicer than some homes I've seen and probably cleaner than my own right now. At least that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Side note: The dogs keep doing "drive-bys", stopping and hitting the door, a deep bark now and then, but I won't let them in.

Actually, I am thinking and planning; taking pictures and blogging. Although this trailer is darn near perfect in every way, there is one major flaw. No, there are three flaws. Flaw #1 is being fixed as soon as the ever-loving' part gets off the slow train from the east coast…. But there are two others.

Flaw #2: The person who designed the living quarters had one of the cupboards serve as a tack compartment. Now I don't know about you, but the idea of having a saddle in my living quarters seems a little too rednecky! Think of the sweaty saddle pad! And anyway, that space could be used to correct Flaw #3: No refrigerator. Oh come on, non-horsey friends. All of us horse people like frigs in our horse trailer!

So I'm pondering.... I could put a small frig down below the sink like I had in my old horse trailer or upgrade to a bigger refrigerator (with a freezer) and put it in what is currently the tack compartment (which by the way, I don't think ever held tack. It is way too clean.) If I do that, then there is the monumental question: Where do I put the tack?

Well, you see, I have plenty of room for storage; it is just kind of a weird set-up. There is a 3' walkway between the living quarters and the chest bar for the horses with doors on both sides. Now granted, the horses' heads have to go somewhere – and trust me, they will - but underneath their head is the ideal place for the saddles.

I think I've figured out how to make that happen. I have a lot of delusions of grandeur that I am pretty sure WILL work, but not the means to do it. I have a husband who CAN do it, but thinks it is rather silly to put a frig in the trailer. "Just use coolers," he says. Well, I don't wanna use coolers! Not that we completely got away from using coolers in the other trailer, but when traveling by myself, I could. I'd just load up that frig and go! Turn that baby to LP setting and I have a cold Mike's ready on demand!

So here's my plan. Build a wooden 3-sided box that will slip into the walkway under the heads of the horses. The saddle can go under there – just need to find some sort of make-shift saddle rack to set them on. Perhaps put some hooks underneath for bridles or put the bridle rack on the door. I can slide the pad between the box and the wall. Or someone else suggested put the pad on the chest bar. The horse's feedbags can go over the top of the box and provide a little stability for that, as well. My friend, Jules, can run a saw. As soon as Flaw #1 is fixed, I need to go pay her a visit. (Jules, take note.)

For the other camping gear and horse supplies, I have put a large tool box back on the truck bed. Most of it fits well in there. So it looks like if I can bring this plan to fruition, it might just all come together.

Alright. Who let the dogs in?

You might be a redneck if ....


  1. Have you priced the fridges that will flip to LP? You can find them used out of RV's that were wrecked. I vote fr the fridge!!! Love mine, and it is little!

    They have the saddle racks that are also a water tank. I'd consider that, and you can haul more horse water too.

    I saw a trailer for sale that had a tack storage unit that would lift in to the trailer. Kind of like a large gun safe. It was a slant, so it fit back where the rear tack would be.

    If I was closer, I'd be all over helping you! I love to figure out how to best store and organize my trailer. Now, if I could do the same for my house. hehe

  2. In our old trailer, our frig was a 3-way. Most places we go are primitive so we ran on LP most of the time. I already know I'm going to miss it. Good idea about checking the RV graveyards. I wish you were closer, too. I get so excited about things like this and my passion isn't shared with my boys or hubby.... :(

  3. Sounds exciting. I love your drawings.

  4. oh, I love Jonni's idea about the water tank saddle holders. But I think I would have saddle racks that would be able to slide out of the lower compartment. It would make it easier to load the saddles on the rack. Yes, put hooks everywhere you can. I have a double row of hooks on my tack room wall and love it.

  5. Seriously....any redneck would be thriled to have anything even half as nice as your new horse trailer.

    Heck, if having an office in their horse trailer is what rednecks do, please count me in. I don't have LQ in my 2 horse horse trailer and my tack compartment is cramped and icky.

    Actually my pop-up camper isn't as nice as your horse trailer's LQ, but we do have a frig inside.

    But we tend to use coolers, though. It's just more convenient, easier to keep clean, load and unload food, and much less hassle in case the darn thing doesn't work during a trip. :)


  6. I loved this! Its so nice to watch as someone else, although very experienced! Goes through the trouble and excitement of deciding how to plan there new trailer. I have been looking recently at a wagon, 3xhorse and living quarters, but the guy is looking for £28,000 GBP!!!
    Its 10years old, good condition and has lots of extras, but? Dont know, and if theres a but! I probably wont!

  7. The more I think about Jonni's idea with the water containers, the more I like it. I have a 50 gallon container I usually take along, but if I would get one more to put on the curb side, that could potentially give me 30 gallons more. I would not want to put one on the street side as I want to use that door to walk thru to the LQ once parked, so still need some type of saddle rack for that side when I am traveling with 2 horses.

  8. Even with little problems here and there which I'm sure you'll figure out, I still love that trailer. Have fun organizing, I like doing that sort of stuff.

  9. I've seen other versions of your trailer, and nearly bought one, and they put the saddles exactly where you are thinking. A "manger" was in the trailer I looked at, and the saddles slid in underneath the manger. I 110% agree about not wanting sweaty tack in my living space!!!

    I stuck with coolers rather than a fridge. In fact, my trailer has a built in cooler/boot box. It works great!!!


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