Aug 3, 2010

Thank You!

I don't know how this blog got on the list of nominees for 2010 Top Horses Blog Award or who voted for Horsetrailriders as one of the top 40, but thank you for the recognition!

I write this blog because I always have so much to say about this horse life; whether it be excitement or frustration. I enjoy sharing those few pictures that turn out pretty darn good and some that aren't but are critical to the story. And I'll continue to write as long as I have something to say; even if it is to an audience of one; me.

This blog is my best memory keeper.



  1. Congratulations! You deserve it. I don't know how they judge the blogs because I got one too but it did thrill me to no end!!!

  2. Yeah, I got one, too. But I don't remember seeing any notices sent out to the blogging community with links of a place to vote for our favorite horse blogs.
    I wonder how they chose us?


  3. Its a well deserved award Tammy!!

  4. Congratulations!! You do deserve it.

  5. YEA!!! You deserve it Tammy...I always become more informed, more thankful, and certainly= entertained by the adventure of riding-via-internet, with you!

  6. yea, congrats to all of you!!!


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