Sep 29, 2010

Scratch the Itch

I'm about 100 ride hours behind where I was this time last year. But after riding over 35 miles this past weekend, I found my mare is still in excellent condition. I had a lot of horse to hold back as we walked through miles of pastures at what seemed at times to be just a steady crawl. I was itching to pick up the pace a bit; ride the horse under me. I had a lot of horse left at the end of each day. And my own body ached from inactivity.

Tick tock. The hours pass and the days on the calendar are flying by. Winter is coming. I want more ride time and a faster pace. I'm considering doing a competitive trail ride again. I went out tonight to do my eight mile loop. Now that I have a plan, I'm sensitive to Windy's every move. Did she take a wrong step? Is she off? Does she feel different because I am so out of ride shape that I can't even post the trot or stay in a two-point position?

She may be ready. More importantly, am I?



  1. Just some days, a good blast! Clears the mind, horses love to move along. I am lucky, near me is a quarter mile trail, dead straight! Great canter/gallop, it runs on into an open field, from there it carries on down a long hill and onto more pasture. All the gates are open, for the present. I just let rip!(Carefully!)

  2. As you say Tick Tock winters coming. Do what makes you feel good, as long as you and Windy can take it.

  3. From your post and very active weekend rides and your daily loop rides, sure sounds like you're ready.
    I'm envious that you're getting in some ride time, but glad for you, too. Your weather was so awful this past summer, you deserve to have some good riding time before winter comes.



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