Sep 1, 2010

Tempting Fate

How many times have you heard someone say, "I hate to say anything for fear of jinxing it?" I have to admit that thought crossed my mind. How easy it is to complain to the world when things are not going very well, but yet, we find ourselves reluctant to do the happy dance when things are going right? So, I am going to thank the good Lord for these gifts today and share it with you! I tell you, it doesn't take much around here to make me happy!

  • When I got on the scale this morning, it was the lowest weight I have been in weeks! Watching what I eat and exercising really does work! Who'd of thunk?
  • As I was heehawing about what to wear to work this morning, I remembered it is a "special" denim day. I am always happier when I can tromp in wearing jeans and my favorite Expo t-shirt.
  • The hot & humid temps from yesterday are gone. It is 68 degrees right now! I didn't even have to run the air in the Durango!
  • I had an email from a programmer who found out the code she was going to have to write for my new project is already done! Someone had the foresight do it with a sister project! How often does that happen?
  • The cooks in the cafeteria told me the blueberry muffin I wanted so badly, but was going to pass on, was made with yogurt, not sugar! Rock on!
  • My trailer mechanic called and my long awaited trailer part is here! He can have my trailer fixed by the weekend! I can go camping!
  • The swelling in Windy's knee is completely gone & she has stayed 100% sound through the ordeal. She is Cowgirl Weekend bound. (Blue says it's his lucky day, too!)

I'm off to buy a lottery ticket!


  1. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Sounds great to me - keep it going!

  2. I love it when everything comes together at once. So glad to hear Windy is well!

  3. I'm with you I hate thinking everything is going too good and waiting for the other shoe to drop. But you're on a roll so go with it and get that lottery ticket.

  4. I would have gone for the blueberry muffin anyways! lol YEA on everything, as it's about time things go right for a change. And I would take both horses if I was you, if there is room. just a thought, just in case...

    good luck, and remember me if you win.


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