Sep 21, 2010

Turkey Creek – Day 2

Our second day at Turkey Creek held none of the excitement as the previous evening. Although it misted overnight, the wind had picked up and dried most of the trails. We rode back to the "scene of the crime" for further reflection on the ride of terror. I am NOT going to show you the picture of how that trail from hell looked in the daylight considering I convinced all of you we were unmercifully sliding into the abyss. And that is all I am going to say about that!

We kept to the lower ground trails in the morning, amazed at how the landscape is already changing colors. It was still chilly and we kept our jackets on until noon. We returned to the campground for a quick lunch and went back out on the trails for a short ride in the afternoon, taking in what we call the "enchanted forest", one of my favorite trails at Turkey Creek. By the time we were loaded to go home, the sun was shining once again.

Turkey Creek Ranch is just 2 hours north of me near Newcastle, Nebraska. Being horse folk themselves, owners John & Brenda Wortman truly cater to riders. I was excited that Brenda took the day off to ride with us as she knows all the good trails and the best views. I could not imagine having all this in your own back yard.



  1. Beautiful. I'm so glad you second day went better.

  2. What an amazing opportunity!!!I'm glad you had such a great time, and getting in lots of riding time, too.



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