Sep 9, 2010

Under Saddle

The good thing about having a well-conditioned horse is she is ready for about anything. If I wanted to enter a CTR on the spur of the moment, I know I would have enough horse under me. First the hot weather and then the swollen knee, Windy's rides have been limited this last month. But at Camp Moses this past weekend and then again on last night's Platte River Ride, she was 110%. It was hard not opening her up on the loping trails. She felt so good!

The trails at Camp Moses were as overgrown as I have ever seen them. Too wet this spring and then too hot this summer; I'm sure they haven't had as much horse activity as they usually do. Butter hasn't been ridden since we were in Wyoming and (and not a heck of a lot before then) and it showed. She was huffing and puffing on the hills. Case invited a friend to ride with us on Monday. It was his first time on a horse and Blue took good care of him and seemed in better shape than Butter. I think Windy could have sprinted around all those trails and still had energy to burn.

There were close to thirty riders at the last regular season Platte River Ride last night. We couldn't have asked for a nicer evening, although it is always sad to see the season end, especially knowing winter is right around the corner. But let's not think about that right now.

Ready or not, this weekend is our Trail Challenge and Scavenger Hunt. We filled all 50 rider spots a few weeks ago; now to make it happen.

I love this time of year.


  1. It's a great time of year to be out riding. Sounds like you are all having a blast.

  2. Glad to see your back on the blog!

  3. Forget the horses, I'd love to know what kind of shape Case's friends was in the day after the ride. :) Glad you're back in the saddle and having fun again!

  4. Me too Tammy,
    This is the best time of year...getting cooler and the sunsets are great. Sigh of contentment...Windy is so great, glad you two
    Had a good time.


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