Oct 27, 2010

A Little Vacation

I’ve been suffering from a little bloggers block
There have been high winds and cool temperatures this week
So nothing horse related going on.

On Horsetales, a friend posted her horse related bucket list
And asked what some of the rest of us have on our list.
My usual response…
Ride a 25 or a 50 miler
Ride in some REAL mountains
Own a thoroughbred
(Can’t get that guy out of my mind, it seems)

But then I thought what I would really like to do
Is to take a 2 or 3 week horse trip
With just me and my horse.
And Ritz.
I think that would be so cool
Just load up and head out.
Hit some popular horse camps as I travel state to state.
Stay a couple days
Ride with the locals
And pack up and head to the next place or state.

John probably wouldn’t be too keen on the idea
Not so much having me gone
But being stuck home with the kids.

My sister would be nervous for me.
She would not see the wanderlust in such a trip.
It would scare her to be out in the dark
In the woods
So she’d be scared for me.
And she is shy.
I always had to do the talking.
(Well, until the “wain” episode, but that’s another story.)
She would hate having to strike up a conversation with strangers
But I think she would be fascinated to hear about it.

Yeah, someday.
Just Windy in the trailer and
Ritz with me in a new Ram 2500….
(May as well dream big)
Heading down the road.


  1. Good bucket list. Sounds like a lot of fun. Someday you should just go for it, you only live once.

  2. Ya know, it could happen someday.

    I'd like to do a trip like that someday but I would want people company.

  3. Better do it as as possible! You never know!

  4. I've stunk at keeping up with my blogs lately, but finally got some updates up. Hopefully I can get past the bloggers block!!

  5. Sounds wonderful, and yep - ya gotta dream big!

  6. I've never thought about my horsey bucket list.. hmm. Your dream sounds pretty fun!

  7. My dream is similar - ride my horse in every National Park in the lower 48. I too would want some people company though.

  8. If you come this way, Virginia, you should stay with us for a while. What a great thing to have on a bucket list!

  9. Do it! Do it!

    What are you waiting for, girlfriend? :)


  10. Oh Tammy, this does sound great...with a little prep and forethought, very safe too!
    How far away are you? Teehehe!


  11. Hey, we have the same dream! One day, I keep telling myself...one day.

    In the meantime, I'm in the process of planning a horseback riding trip across Ireland with my mom and sis next fall. SOOO excited!


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