Oct 4, 2010

Monday Monday

(Can't trust that day)

I am getting really tired of Mondays - well, mornings in general.

Driving in to work in the dark is the culprit, I think.

Then when the sun starts peeking thru my office window,

it's like waking up all over again.

My usual one cup of coffee isn't even coming close to helping the situation.

Every other day of the week...

I can't say they are fine, either.


Just broke a cusp of my tooth off eating a "gummie" vitamin

That my doctor so highly recommends someone of "my age" take regularly

(Vitamins, not necessarily gummie)

The day can only get better from here, right?



  1. While your Monday is still ongoing, mine is coming to an end! The rain that has so predominated the weather for so long, has gone, well at least for today!
    According to the weather men/ladies! It will remain fine for the rest of the week.
    (I for one dont believe that s***!)
    So while you are enjoying your day, mine was ........busy! Cleaning.

  2. I'm not certain if that twig would have kept Baby at bay if she really wanted to be closer to you :-) So loved this story and wished it was me sitting there with your herd (but not hiding from a teenage son).

  3. Love the fall hate the darker mornings and earlier darkness at night. Monday's are tough.


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