Oct 7, 2010

Ready to Roll

The above picture was taken at the Indian Cave Competitive Trail Ride in 2004. (The child and husband are not mine, but my riding buddies for the day). It was the first CTR I entered and I didn't do another one until 2009. The horse I was riding in this picture wasn't mine either. Well, technically, she is John's. The gelding I was riding at this time in my life had a sore back from a previous trip, so I rode Ginger instead. It did not go well.

I had no intention of doing a Competitive Trail Ride this year; for no other reason than scheduling conflicts. After McCain decided not to play football this fall, I found my Friday nights had opened up. It will be another year before Case will suit up for Friday night lights, so I decided to try to make up for lost riding time. This weather has been perfect and I have been horse camping the last two weekends.

On my drive home from Cowgirl Weekend, I reflected on the ride. I didn't think we got to ride our kind of ride; if anything, the bar was lowered. I started thinking about riding the Indian Cave CTR. Windy doesn't have near the time on her this year as last year, but relative to a lot of horses, she has enough miles and is in good enough shape to handle it. I started watching the forecast because the last place I want to be is at Indian Cave if it rains or (God-forbid), snows early again this year. And just to make sure I had all my ducks in a row, I had my vet pull Coggins.

One week out and it looked like the weather was going to hold. I sent in my entry. I woke up at 5:00 AM this morning and remembered I didn't get my Coggins papers in the mail. And totally forgot about health papers. My vet lives just down the road, so I wasn't worried so much about him having time to see her as I was about the Coggins results not being here. Usually they come in a matter of a few days. I called the vet and he had received the bill for the lab, but no papers. So I followed up and had the lab scan and email me the results so the health papers could be completed. The originals arrived in the vet's mail this afternoon. Whew! I can't believe I forgot to follow up and it was this close to ride time.

I tackled my least favorite horse chore this afternoon; bathing Windy. I love to groom her, but hate the bath itself. As she dried, I sat down on a bucket next to her and started the monotonous task of scraping botfly eggs off her legs. I then sprayed her legs with Show Sheen, braided her mane & tail and put her in the round pen for the night. I put Butter in to keep her company. The round pen is full of grass; she'll stay clean for the most part. When John got home, I had him clean up her front hooves a bit. She looks show ready!

I'll head out tomorrow morning, set up camp and ride the trails a bit before checking in for the ride. The CTR begins Saturday morning. My goal is to have a good ride and to have fun. And hope my horse doesn't embarrass me or me embarrass her!


  1. Glad you're going to get out there and have some fun - can't wait to hear how it goes!

  2. I would love to try a CTR someday. I think it would be so much fun.
    I only like to bathe horses when it is 80+ degrees outside!! Well, at work we do have warm water for bathing! But at home, cold water only!

  3. Forgot to say, good luck and have a great time!!

  4. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Hope you have a great time!

  5. WOW!! Sounds like the weather is holding for you still...BOTS, this time of year...wow, we had them a month ago.
    Neat memories and now...Your Windy mare and you get to do this fun thing together!!
    Can't wait...Pray it was a blast and no ultra weird things!

  6. Hope the ride went well - the weather sure was beautiful for it, at least up this way!

  7. The last competitive trail ride I went on was 34 years ago. Let's just say it wasn't pretty.

    My least favorite horse chore is also giving them a bath, especially my palomino Paint. The only thing he's bad about is bathing. And now that I have him here in Virginia, he's all red from the dirt. It's a nightmare. You might think he's a sorrel if you just popped by someday.

    My round pen is all dirt. I have to stall them overnight if I want to keep them clean and that's not good either because by morning they're all full of pent up energy. Not good when you're going somewhere!

    Anyway, hope you're having fun!


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