Oct 21, 2010

Tomorrow I Ride

It is definitely time to lighten the mood. I don't know how it is in your part of the country but this last week in Nebraska has been Fall at Its Finest. This is how all autumns should be: sunny, seventies, little or light wind and the colors changing before our eyes. I want to bottle it and come January 23, when the blues have set in, open it up and catch of whiff of this perfection to get me through those short dark, cold days ahead.

Although the above picture is clearly not a good picture, I have kept it in my pictures files because it captures the feeling of fall. The autumn color wheel, the warmth of the sun and the grass bent in the breeze. This was taken several years ago when I was still riding Blue.


  1. I wish we could bottle Autumn. It's the most wonderful season to me and I wish it could last all year long. We've got the same beautiful weather and gorgeous colors here too. I'm trying to enjoy everyday before it ends.

  2. I managed to get out on a two day trailride as the leaves were just turning. It was beautiful! It would be nice to bottle up something to get through the winter. =D

  3. The sun shone today, although watery. I think we may have seen the last decent weather for some time. Your picture shows Autumn, at its best. A great shot!


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