Nov 15, 2010

Butter Needs a Rider

Butter needs a rider. I think "her boy" has ridden her once since we were on vacation in July. The last few times I have thought about taking her anywhere, she copped an attitude. She thinks she is still on vacation. So I would lunge her to get a real gauge on her potential performance, she would literally throw a fit. I’d work her in the round pen, unsaddle her and go get one of the other horses to ride. I ain’t no fool!

So yesterday I take the camera out with me and go through the same motions of getting her ready to ride; so sure that I would have some butt-kickin’ video to show you. But alas, she just wouldn’t perform to the camera. Oh, she threw in a few bucks and kicks, but nothing like the last few times.

Laughing… my lunging efforts are lame at best. Holding a lunge whip and running a camera – while watching where those back feet were - was quite an effort in itself. (I added music to the video because the wind was bad & I hate hearing my own voice.) I did have John come out and ride the buck out of her before I got on her. She did have some attitude, but settled pretty quickly. After that, I felt safe enough to get on. I didn’t ride her long but enough to get my groove back with her.

I’ve missed riding the Butter-ball. Standing only 14.2hh, she is very well put together. I’m 5’9” and have never felt too big on her. And she has the cutest, smoothest little jog trot, something my mare is missing. She can be a fun ride.

This video of Case riding Butter was taken in 2007. Boy, she has packed on the pounds since then (and my baby was so little!) If ridden regularly, Butter stays pretty focused. But since that isn’t happening too much now, she is pretty barn & buddy sour. She has also picked up some bad habits along the way from always having a child riding her and not correcting her fast enough.

She's not for sale. I keep thinking perhaps I should lease her out so she gets ridden more consistently but she needs ridden more consistently before I’d feel she was safe enough to be leased out. The endless circle. I am not sure I have the gumption to put the time on her that she would need; I have a hard enough time finding the hours to ride my own horse. I haven’t ruled out having a trainer put some time on her either, but then the circle spins the other way and we would have to rides on her to keep her consistent after she came back from the trainer.

I keep thinking in my huge circle of horse friends that there is someone out there who is horseless, who has experience, who enjoys a challenge and wouldn’t mind putting some time on a horse that is rusty but otherwise trained, in exchange for having a horse to ride again. I haven’t found that person but I guess I haven’t asked. Maybe I should…. I wonder what her boy would think?



  1. That is my problem, finding the time to just ride my own horses. I have one I ride with no problems and another one that needs some time on him but an experienced rider (not me). Loved the video, sure was feeling pretty good!

  2. lol! Butter was totally flipping you off with her rear hooves, in that round pen. She so reminds me of Bella.....also affectionately called Bucking Bella by her new owners who are much better at dealing with her bucking tantrums that my son is. They evne share the same coloring and body shape and nice little trot.
    Sure wish she would have worked out and wasn't such a brat, 'cause I sure could use a sound mount right now. sigh.

    The second video would make me a little teary-eyed. What special memories you have :)


  3. It's too bad your boy doesn't have an interest anymore. Like you, I wonder if that would change if she wasn't there but being leased to someone else. Hmm. She's feisty in the video but she's really cute. Hope someone finds the time to ride her, I'm sure she'd come back to being her sweet self.

  4. Oh my goodness - she's almost too roly poly to buck. :) I like short horses - the ground is a lot closer on them. Wish I could help you out but I like old, slow horses!

  5. I love that last photo!

    I am sure there is someone out there who is pining away for exactly the challenge you describe (I was that person a few years ago :)). You could post on Craigslist.

  6. Yes, Butter has 'tude, that's for sure & no doubt, Lisa, she was flipping me off. LOL!

    I wish Case would get the bug again; he is a good rider and as he has grown up, he handles her well.

    I thought aoout Craigs List. Actually, when I had the black colt, I found a rider that way for him, but we are about 35 miles out of town, so it didnt work out for the long term. I would let her be stabled somewhere else if I felt I had the right rider. The gal that road the black colt didn't have the $$ for stabling.

    But, I've said it outloud now. You never know. I might find the right person.

  7. Anonymous9:27 PM

    She's very cute - wish I lived closer!

  8. She does have a smooth trot! And she looks like a wonderful horse. Certainly there are many folks looking for a horse to ride, I'll bet you'll find someone ready for the adventure.

  9. great set of photos. I just adore the first one! I love how boys are with their horses, too. Too bad you didn't have a time to snap her with the lunge whip when she turned her butt to you! lol

  10. My daughter quit riding some years back and I threatened and threatened to sell her horse, The Riddler. Then I did. She has never forgiven me.
    I don't know what to advise you.

  11. I LOVE this post!! It brought back a memory for me. It's similar to how I acquired TAZ, my mule. She was bought for my 13 year old step daughter. Corey soon lost interest in her... TAZ is so much fun to ride because she's 14 hands. For some reason that size is just not as intimidating to me. It brings me back to those pony riding days. :D
    Butter definitely looks like she has an oppinion! Again, reminds me A LOT of my TAZzy!
    I'll be interested in seeing more about her! I'd love to ride her!! :D

  12. My 15 year old daughter recently re-discovered her riding gene and decided that she wanted a new horse. Knowing what her plans are for the future (graduate from HS a year early, study at the local college for a year and then travel in England) I didn't want to spend the big bucks for a horse for her. One of my 4-H leaders offered us a free lease on an 8 year old 16 hand Paint mare because they were inbetween kids and didn't want to sell this mare. Perfect solution for us.

    Keep your eyes and your heart open. The solution is out there.

  13. Yeah, keep your eyes open. I just leased out two of mine. I'm really enjoying the break.

    Boy, she looks like she's been HITTING the butter!

    Now do you ever fall over that blue supplement barrel? I always have something in the middle with me for some reason, (usually my helmet or the reins, a feed dish) and trying to film and manage the lunge whip at the same time... I would have taken a flying leap over that barrel! I can just see it.

  14. I enjoyed all your comments & I do know a few 4H leaders and have mentioned it to a few that I would consider leasing her (free lease) to the right kid. Or even to a trail rider. It just couldn't be a beginner, which makes it a challenge. In the meantime, I had John trim her up and if the weather holds like it is suppose to, I'm taking her to the trails tomorrow. Rock n Roll! ;)

  15. I'm so glad I just have one horse to concentrate on. I'm hoping he remains as healthy and able to trail ride as your friend's horse Moon has. Looks like you've had a few great trail rides. I'm heading out for Under Armour long underwear. I hear it doesn't make your butt look big.


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