Nov 9, 2010

A Full Weekend

One of the Pioneer Woman's blogging tips is to "blog often". Sometimes that is easy; I have so much to say. And other times that is so hard. Not that I have nothing to say – gosh, I always have something to say – but I lack time or a theme. Or worse yet – pictures! I think I have said before how I hate posting without pictures. And it is not that I haven't taken any, I just haven't had any GOOD pictures lately. I really need to start concentrating on not just capturing the moment, but setting it up and making it a picture perfect moment.

The snow hasn't found us yet; still hanging in the 60's and low 70's. Usually I am crying about "gray November" right about now, but there is certainly no complaints from me this year. I told John this past weekend that I was going out to play and he couldn't stop me, and I rode every day. On Friday, I took Windy out and we just rode around here, but the rest of the weekend, I trailered out.

On Saturday, I met Jules, Steve and Joni at Branched Oak. Being that they are westerners (Hastings, that is), they have never ridden at Branched Oak before, so I had the opportunity to introduce them to these trails. I took Ginger for a little change.

We rode a little over eight miles. And just for the fun of it, I tried out Ginger's fast gear. We topped out at 25.5 mph - not as fast as John would ride her, but faster than Windy and I go. I was pretty sure she might just keep on running home. I was surprised when I pulled her in to find Jules had opened Trey up, too, and they were right there next to me. For those of you who have followed my website, the palomino that Steve is riding in the picture above is GinnyBelle, our Baby's baby. Steve and Julie have had Ginny for a couple years now. She has really become a trail horse deluxe! (For that story, see & scroll to 4/6/05 A Baby for Baby).

My riding buddies & me: Julie, Sandy, me, Joni, Jess & Tanya

On Sunday, the same group, met at Wilderness Park to ride with the Nebraska Horse Trails Committee. I brought Windy for this ride. There were eleven of us on the trail. Another fun day. Highs reached about 75 degrees.

Ducking under Old Cheney Road

Crossing the ricketing bridge.

Of course, each day was followed by eating out – and we didn't pick any healthy heart restaurants. There is nothing like fried food after a day on the trail!

Yesterday, I had to work. When I got in my Durango at the end of the day, it read 74 degrees. I hurried home and changed clothes. Ginger was the first horse I could grab and I saddled her in record time and we headed down the road. I was thrilled that she settled into a slow lope on a loose rein. You all know slow is not Ginger's style. I rode out about a mile and a half but was losing daylight quickly. (Damn this time change!) I rode back onto the place just as our yard lights were flickering on. A short ride is better than no ride.

Although not quite as warm, it still looks fairly decent through the weekend. We are just stealing time from winter and I love it!

See, I guess I had something to say afterall.


  1. Glad you're having great weather and stealing time from winter. You're much warmer than we are, yesterday walked outside to get hit in the face with raining ice chunks and a temp of around 30 and wind of maybe 60mph. Cold and windy today too.Just miserable. Keep riding, maybe you can get a miners light for your helmet with the time change.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, and I'm so jealous of your trail variety! I keep saying we have to make some plans to get farther afield next summer, and here's hoping it actually happens. Sure can't beat this for November weather!

  3. All we`ve got is damn rain and galeforce winds! Still, at least the coffee`s good!

  4. Looking out my window at this gray drizzle I'd say you were smart to make hay as the sun shone. Looks like fun!

  5. We had a beautiful weekend too! It was cold and rainy yesterday but I won't complain too much because today is such a beautiful day!! I hope it lasts a little longer!!! It's great compared to last year!


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