Nov 19, 2010

Goin' Riding

It's 43 degrees with wind gusts up to 19 mph. Why must wind always be a factor? I may have to put on another layer, dang it. I don't like riding in bulk, but my windproof/winter Kerrits do not seem to do the trick. But maybe it won't be bad in the trees. Just in case, I'll throw in my fleece pajama bottoms. Combine that with my hunter orange fleece jacket, I'll be making quite the fashion statement. But, gotta ride while the sun is shinin'!

Did I mention I'm taking Buckin' Butter? I might need that extra padding. May the force be with me....

Note to self: Take the spurs off my boots.

I'll report back later.



  1. Git out there! Dont be a wuss! Wrapped up and toasty, not an issue.

  2. I'd really like a picture of this outfit. I do think it makes a fall fashion statement. Have fun, don't forget the spurs.

  3. That is one thing about cold weather and that is the layers you have to wear.

  4. That's why I left Oklahoma. Because of the wind.

  5. Brrrr! Glad you got Butter ball working!


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