Nov 19, 2010

A Good Little Mare

Does this fleece make my butt look fat? Jeez, I look like the kid from A Christmas Story with all that padding! But it worked and I stayed warm. A couple times I was almost too warm.

There is nothing wrong with this little mare that couldn't be worked through with a little consistent riding. She tossed me a couple of bucks, but both times were when Kathy and Moon were running out ahead. When I let her lope out in front, she collected into the nicest little gait. So other than that indiscretion, she was almost as good as she gets today. I do have fun riding the Butter-ball-butt.

Kathy's Zuni has been laid up with a cut on his foot, so on the last few rides she has brought her old faithful, Moon. Can you believe he is 25-years-old? (Click on his picture for a closer look.) Kathy bought Moon as a 3-year-old and they have shared a lifetime on the trails. Don't tell Moon he is getting old. He doesn't know it or look it. He just boogies on down the trail like a horse half his age.

I ordered new tires for my little Sundowner bumper pull and had hoped they would be in by now, but are not. One tire on the trailer is suspect and the spare is not to be trusted. By the time I got to Branched Oak today, I was losing tread. So Kathy and I changed the tire before I headed home. I figured I would take my chance on the spare rather than risk changing it on the shoulderless highway half-way home. I wish car tires were as easy to change as trailer tires.


  1. Love that photo of you and Butter, with breaking at the poll and looking soft and pretty! Such a CUTE mare!

  2. I wouldn't know how to change the tire, trailer or not! Good for you! I need to get more cowgirl, don't I?

    Moon looks a lot like my old guy Doc.

    Yeah, pretty soon we're going to be all bundled up on a daily basis. I don't care what I look like as long as I'm warm!

  3. Great ride, with nice pics. No, Moon doesn't look 25 - gotta love it!

  4. There isnt one of you that looks 25!!!! Oooh, thats is cheesy!Sorry.

  5. I'm going to find a nice, round mare to take all my pictures with. Even in all that fleece you look tiny compared to her. ;)

  6. Butter is a sweetie! No, your butt does not look fat. You just have an oversized, BRIGHT coat on.

  7. Who cares what you look like as long as you are warm. I get pretty bundled up to ride too. Feel like the Pilsbury Dough Boy and probably look the part too, except for color. LOL


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