Dec 11, 2010

From 55 to 11

It was 55 degrees outside!
It was cloudy and overcast
But the temps
Made it bearable.
I rode 8 miles.
Ritz ran more.

Its 11 degrees
With wind gusts to 49 mph
“Feels like” -12 degrees.
I ventured to the barn
Where the herd had hunkered down.
It’s back, winter is back.

My old Springer, Maddie
Just had to go out with me.
But she wanted nothin’ doin’
With Ritz
As we hurried back to the house.


  1. Nice. Cant imagine how fast the weather changes.

  2. Brrr! It seems like everyone around the country is getting winter weather while we've been sunny and warm. Not complainin', but I really want a White Christmas. But after reading how fast your weather changed, I'm thinking I should be careful what I wish for, eh?

    Stay warm.


  3. That's some drastic change in temps in a day. Way too cold to get used to in a day. Stay warm.

  4. Woo Tammy, that's some coooold stuff a blowing in your neck-o-woods!
    Good that ya got a ride in..I have not even broken out my cold weather gear yet. Though, I do not have stirrups to put the "cozy toes" upon!

    Gosh...hope maybe it'll change back- just as quickly!

  5. Those are beautiful pictures.

    Keep telling me about your weather so I feel a little better about mine.

  6. When we loaded the horses into the trailer yesterday morning it was 4 below zero. Rode in the indoor arena for an hour then bundled up for the ride home. I think the high yesterday was 10.

  7. It was just plain C-O-L-D and nasty with that wind. Brrr! Glad we're getting a bit of a reprieve - hope you all weathered it okay down there :)


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