Dec 5, 2010

Kathleen’s Wild Ride

I've been following Kathleen on her "wild ride" from the Oregon to New York City. She left Oregon in May of this year, with two horses, and has been riding state to state with New York City as her destination. And she made it! Her trip has intrigued me, though not the kind of trip that is on my bucket list. My Alone Trip (on my bucket list) most definitely includes my trailer. I don't have that much of the wanderlust.

Kathleen's return home is turning out to be another wild ride. Dependent only on the kindness of strangers, her friends have been using the internet (Facebook, listservs, etc) to line up volunteers from every state to trailer Kathleen and her two horses back home to Oregon or offer them a place to layover. I have volunteered to take her from Omaha to Grand Island, Nebraska. My friend, Joni, has a place for her to overnight and my friend, Jules, will take her on to North Platte, Nebraska.

Kathleen and her horses need transport and overnights from North Platte, Nebraska into Wyoming. If anyone in that area can help, visit her Facebook page for contact information or let me know via comments & I can put you in touch with her. It looks like she will need that transport Tuesday or Wednesday. If you are curious about her journey, visit her blog called "You Might Think This is Crazy, but…"

Let's get Kathleen home for Christmas!


  1. She's probably not coming this far north otherwise I would help! What a courageous thing for her to do this trip. Something like this has been on my bucket list for a long long time... just don't know if I have the guts to do it..I am going to check out her facebook for sure..thanks for sharing

  2. That is an amazing feat! She is an adventurous and courageous lady. I wish her the best that she can get home by Christmas. I'm glad you and your friends could help her.

  3. We're not anywhere where she's going. She must have had some interesting adventures on her trip.

  4. I agree... If I take a long trip, Hubby will be ahead of me with the trailer and a meal! lol I'd like to do the Appalachian Trail, as I grew up in part of those hills.

  5. I'm lucky I can do a couple of hours on horseback, nevermind cross country! I hope she writes a book. I've been following her a bit on Facebook. Amazing.


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